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Thread: Low Water Flo - Even with filter cartridge removed

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    Low Water Flo - Even with filter cartridge removed

    Hi, I have been struggling getting my pool going this year. It has a bad algae bloom right now. I already dumped almost $100 worth of chemicals in it, but I was not able to defeat the algae bloom and it is back, so I will have to start all over.

    The water is not flowing like it used to. It also had much air bubbles in the return. I found the intake threaded fitting going into the pump housing was leaking air, so I replaced it, hoping it would solved the issue(s). It did seem to take care of the air bubbles coming out of the return lines, but the water flow is still much weaker than it used to be. Also the pump basket is still not filling up with water, there is a lot of air in there. I have a new o-ring on the basket lid. The water level is where it should be, 1/2 way up skimmer. My first thought was a dirty filter, but even when I remove the filter and run with no filter at all the water flow is not any better. In fact, it is so bad, it will not even blow water out of the prime valve on the filter housing when I open it.

    I am thinking it is either air still getting in somewhere else like the intake line. If so, I have no idea what to do. Or something going on with my pump and or pump housing. If it is the pump, I am thinking of getting a new dual speed any way to cut electric cost. My current pump is a Hayward SP3007x10AZ with a Super II 1hp. But I am not sure what to replace it with.

    Please help with a plan of attack to get to the bottom of the issues!

    I have a 15,000 gallon vinyl liner pool and a pentair filter cartridge. The pool is 5 years old.

    BTW: I have never posted here but have lurked a long time and gained much valuable info. Thanks for your assistance.

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    Re: Low Water Flo - Even with filter cartridge removed

    Welcome to TFP!

    Air must be getting into the system somewhere on the suction side of the plumbing. The most common locations are the pump strainer basket lid or water low enough in the skimmer to allow a vortex to form and air be drawn in. But it can also be a leak in the plumbing anywhere on the suction side of the pump. Sometimes you can find the leak by watching for water dripping when the pump is off. Other times you can find it by running water over the various joints one at a time with a garden hose. When you run water on the leaking spot the pump basket will fill with water. Another approach is to spray shaving cream on the joints, which will get sucked into any leak (with the pump running).
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    Re: Low Water Flo - Even with filter cartridge removed


    Thanks for replying, I think I have already eliminated the leaky lid with the new o-ring and the water level should be high enough already. I have run into both of those in the past. I found how air was getting into the intake fitting by covering it in silicone lubricant and waiting to see if it got sucked in. I am hoping I do not have a broken line. If I do, it is probably both the lines for the skimmer and the bottom drain, because it does not help or change anything at all if I turn the intake valve from skimmer to drain or both open.

    I just saw another post and was wondering, should I try a drain king to see if that might help?

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    Re: Low Water Flo - Even with filter cartridge removed

    Welcome to TFP.

    You may still have a suction side leak that's causing your problem but I'd suggest you inspect the impeller to make sure it's not clogged up and causing your flow problem. If that's not it you can try to run water backward from the pump to the skimmer with a water hose and see if it flows freely.
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    Re: Low Water Flo - Even with filter cartridge removed



    It was the impeller, One top of a few leaves, there were these little bb sized hard seeds just the right size to wedge really tightly up inside the impeller. There is still a little air in the lid, but nothing like it was and the pump is moving water like new now!

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