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Thread: installing a pool into a concrete slab

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    installing a pool into a concrete slab

    hi folks

    looking for some general feasibility advice here. can you put a pool inside an existing slab and either leave the surrounding frost wall and footings in place (abandoned) or repurpose them as a beam to help support the pool deck?

    we currently have a garage slab exactly where we want to put a pool. the site slopes and the frost wall levels it and serves as a 20" retaining wall at one end. the slab is 20' w x 24' long, and nicely built with a 6" wide 2 foot frost wall down to footings. the quotes we have received to remove the slab have been $4-6k, mostly because of the cost of getting the frost wall and footings out. then we would have to rebuild a retaining wall of some kind to put a pool in.

    if you could install a 16' pool into this slab (extended out the non retaining wall end) it would be exactly where we want a pool.

    so is there any way to bypass or repurpose this structure?
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    Re: installing a pool into a concrete slab

    this is totally a blind opinion here... but...
    I would think the footers and frost wall would be good for support of the deck. I mean come on, if you can park on it....

    First, make sure no water lines or gas pipe or anything lie under the slab. Yes I know... it doesn't seem like a good idea to put stuff under a slab of concrete, but... it does happen.

    Next, the big issue to me would seem the installation of the pool piping. Can you see how it might be laid out or installed with the existing concrete in place?

    Also, ask yourself if you ever need to repair anything, would you need to tear out the concrete then?

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    Re: installing a pool into a concrete slab

    How about posting some pictures? It's hard to visualize. From what you described, you'd probably have to remove the slab, but I don't see why you couldn't use the existing retaining wall.
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    Re: installing a pool into a concrete slab

    Ummmmmm, why not put foam down on the existing slab and put the pool on top of that?

    It woud certainly make for a solid foundation, help keep the pool cleaner, (easier to keep concrete washed off than dirt or sand).

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    Re: installing a pool into a concrete slab

    Certainly no expert, but would proper bonding even be possible where you would be using existing rebar still partially covered by original concrete?
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    Re: installing a pool into a concrete slab

    Quote Originally Posted by crek31
    Would proper bonding even be possible where you would be using existing rebar still partially covered by original concrete?
    If it needs to be inspected this could be problematic. You would have to prove to the inspector that the proper rebar was in the slab. Normally they require this get signed off on before concrete is poured. Assuming the proper rebar is in the slab, connecting to it is easy enough.
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