Hello all! I'm a bit of a newbie, and wanted to get some input about my current situation.

I just moved into a home with a 31.5K gallon pool that has a AQR SWG on the system (Control panel is 7 years old). The cell was bad, and I replaced with a TCELL15, and have been extremely annoyed with the inability of the pool service to keep the pool clean. So, I'm firing them and taking over the care of the pool myself.

I'd like to replace the AQR control panel with an Aqua Plus unit from Hayward, with the auro dispense module added to it. Also, I'll be upgrading the current one speed pump with a variable speed unit.

Does anyone have any input on this type of system? Should I be looking at something else? Or, is this a good system if installed correctly and maintained properly.

Thank you for the advice!