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Thread: Low suction when vaccuming

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    Low suction when vaccuming

    Hi I am new to this forum and hoping maybe one of you can help me out. From what I have read in other post, there is a lot
    I did not know about pool maintenance. Any here is my problem, when my pump is running everything seams fine. It will self
    prime, the basket fills completely with water ( no air pocket) pressure on filter 8 to 10 psi. (cartridge filter) Have good flow
    returning to the pool. When I hook up my vacuum hose to clean the pool, I get an air pocket in the basket and low suction.
    This is not a new pool,about 15 years old. The pump was replaced a couple of years ago. The cartridge is new, have held the
    hose completely under water to make sure there were no leaks in it. I know the air pocket in the basket is the sign of an air
    leak. But if the hose does not have a leak , where could it be. The hose is connected though the skimmer.After I get it all
    set up , the hose is full with water and I am getting suction at the head (enough to clean the pool,not near as much as
    there use to be) If I pull the hose out of the skimmer , a lot of air will come out of the returns, the basket air pocket goes
    away and all seams normal again.

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    Re: Low suction when vaccuming

    The vacuum hose could have a hole in it, or you might even have the ends reversed. The swivel end goes on the vac head as it's not a perfect seal and it will suck air. Seeing more air when vacuuming isn't uncommon as you are asking the system to suck from a much longer stretch so the pump wants to pull air from where ever it can. Try seeing if the air pocket gets smaller when vacuuming by running a garden hose over the front fitting of the motor and around the lid. If they air goes away then it's sucking air from either the fitting or the lid gasket.
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