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Thread: Help after shocking pool

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    Help after shocking pool

    Yesterday my free chlorine levels were hardly registering and i think it's been that way for a couple weeks. i had what may have been algae spots starting. i've never seen algae but i'm guessing that's what it was?? (looked like dirt spots on the sides). i could scoop them up with my net.

    my pool is 22,000 galons of water. i put 5 lbs of sodium hypochlorite shock in and brougt the fc level to 3 which is the highest my tester goes. i put two more pounds in and the test sample turned slightly orange so i left it like that overnight. my ph level was aprrox 7.4. after i shocked it the water was very murky looking. it was a little better this morning but my fc was at about .6 so I put 1 more lb of shock in and fc came up to 3.0. i left it until after church and now my fc is at 1.0 and ph is at 7.4. water is still murky but a little better.

    My question - am I on the right track? How long does it take the water to clear up? The water looked really good before i started all this.

    Thanks for any help!!!
    Jeremiah Hough

    22,000 gallon, vinyl liner, chlorine, with auto cover

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    Re: Help after shocking pool

    First place to start is with a good test kit, such as those suggested here.

    Then, read up on How To Shock Your Pool in Pool School.
    Pool School helps me maintain my 13,500G 24' x 48" ASP with Sand Filtration using a TF100 Test Kit and Pool Calculator.
    Remember, the Shock Process should be followed until : 1. CC is less than 0.5 ppm, 2. An OCLT shows a loss of 1.0 ppm or less and, 3. The water is crystal clear.
    --I didn't buy my pool to swim in it. I bought my pool to watch my wife swim in it. :wink:

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