Came back from a 2 week business trip and wanted to spruce things up in the pool. Tuned on the BD cleaner, but nothing happened. Wife said it was working fine a few days before. Checked the power supply, and I get 30 volts (pins at 12 and 6 o'clock) but the relay trips off after 30 seconds and the voltage tapers off - no-load safety? Plug the BD back in and the relay trips almost immediately. I checked the resistance on the line and get around 2.4 ohms, so there is neither a short or open condition. I really don't want to crack the motor casings or the cable as the pool presents a rather hostile environment for electrical appliances. Of course my warranty expired earlier this year!!! Thought I would poll the board to see if anyone has any ideas - any chance there is a BD repair tech out there?

Thanks for any ideas/help