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Thread: First Time Owner-Looking for opinions

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    First Time Owner-Looking for opinions

    Here is my list I will post in the shed so I can open/close on my own.....All opinions and correction suggestions welcome.

    Pool Shutdown Instructions:
    1) Drain Pool To 1 Foot Below Skimmers
    2) Shut Of All Power To All Equipment
    3) Open Bottom Drain Valve At Back Of Filter To Outside Until Empty
    4) Remove Two Plugs On Bottom Left Of Pump Until Empty-Leave Out
    5) After Filter And Pump Are Drained, Open Filter And Clean Cartridges/Housing.
    6) Reassemble Filter
    7) Shut Filter Drain Valve To Outside To Prevent Mice.
    8) With Wet/Dry Vacuum On Reverse, Blow Out Water Using Open Heater Line 2nd From Filter.
    9) When Steady Air Is Coming Out Of Pool Returns, 2nd Person Plugs Returns.
    10) Install Blue Skimmer Expansion Tubes-1 For Each Skimmer

    Pool Startup Instructions:
    1) Replace Plugs In Bottom Left Side Of Pump-Tighten
    2) Remove 3 Return Pool Plugs
    3) Remove 2 Skimmer Expansion Tubes
    4) Fill Pool To Way Up Both Skimmers
    5) Prime Pump-Fill Water In Basket And Reseal
    6) Run Pump Until No Air Is Coming Out Of Returns
    7) Bleed Air From Top Valve Of Filter Until Solid Water-Repeat As Necessary
    8) Add Metal Free-Wait 1 Day
    9) Shock with 3 Gallons 9% or 2 Gallons 12%-Wait One Day.
    10) Vacuum Pool
    11) Shut Down And Clean Filter
    12) Restart And Run-Adjust All Other Chemicals

    To Vacuum Pool:
    1) Assemble Vacuum With Hose-Blue End On Vacuum
    2) Close Two Return Valves Leave One Open
    3) Put One End Of Vacuum Hose To Remaining Open Return To Fill Vacuum Hose
    4) When Hose Is Full Close One Skimmer And Open All 3 Return Valves
    5) Attach Back Of Vacuum To Open Skimmer And Vacuum
    6) Remove Vacuum And Store
    7) Open All Skimmer And Return Valves

    Add Descaler if Salt Cell Shows Signs of Scaling/Minerals
    When Filter Pressure Shows 14-16 PSI-Clean Filter

    Add Salt Per Table: 18 x 36 26,500 Gal. Pool:
    Salt Level Before Addition (PPM) 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500
    Salt To Add (Lbs.) 759 651 542 434 325 217 108 0

    Ideal Chemistry Levels:
    Salt Target 3200-3600 ppm (Above Optimum Level): 200-400 ppm
    Free Available Chlorine: [FC] 3.0 - 5.0 ppm
    pH: [pH] 7.5 7.8
    Total Alkalinity: [TA] 60 80 ppm
    Calcium Hardness: [CH] 50 300 ppm
    Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid): [CYA] 70 80 ppm
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    Re: First Time Owner-Looking for opinions

    I have no knowledge of the open/close and vacuuming procedures. But will make a few comments:

    Recommend cleaning the filter when the pressure goes up 20-25% of the clean pressure ... you did not list that, so I am not sure if 14-16psi is appropriate or not.

    Since you have a vinyl pool, the CH is not very important other than making sure it does not get too high.

    I am not sure what the chemicals are within "descaler", but if you keep your levels in check, the scaling should not be a problem. And if the cell does need cleaning, just do an acid clean on the cell.
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    Re: First Time Owner-Looking for opinions

    I didn't see any mention of removing the return eyeballs and putting winterizing plugs in the return ports.

    Adjusting the return valves simply to fill the vacuum hose is almost certainly not needed.

    Salt is expected to drift down over the course of the season, that is why you start a little high. You aren't supposed to maintain salt at that level, just let it drift down.

    It is a good idea to store the small parts over the winter in a consistent place. Drain plugs are commonly put in the pump strainer basket.
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