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Thread: Still can't decide...SWG or just BBB

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    Still can't decide...SWG or just BBB

    I have read everything twice but I just want a simple answer...I'm going to be a new pool owner who is not great at maintenance (my deck hasn't been sealed in years ). We are putting in a liner steel walled pool. We have five kids. Should be go with a SWG or just BBB. If we go with just BBB, Do we need a special machine thing?

    Lastly, can we add a SWG later?


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    Re: Still can't decide...SWG or just BBB

    Hi Sandy, to start off BBB is the process used to maintain a pool. This requires a person to take their pool into their own hands. You need a good test kit, to test your water, and then add chemicals accordingly.
    The SWCG (Salt water chlorine generator) is a machine that automatically produces chlorine only after you add salt to bring your pool up to 3500ppm.
    So the question, do you want to go to the store to buy bleach or chlorine and add it on a daily basis. Or would you prefer to use a machine that automatically chlorinates the pool and you have to check and maintain the numbers in my pool?

    If you read Pool School (upper right corner of the site) you'll get a better understanding.
    If you go with bleach/chlorine it's not necessary to have an additional machine, although there are a few offered.
    You can always add a SWCG later if you so choose.

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    Re: Still can't decide...SWG or just BBB

    Hi Sandy and welcome to TFP!
    If you don't have a lot of experience with pools, start with BBB and you'll get a handle on how pool water chemistry works.
    Adding a SWG will not be hard to do and will be easier to setup because you will then understand water chemistry using them.
    Principles all the same just different levels to maintain.
    If you do enough reading here you realize you do need a good test kit to make this a simple task in the long haul.
    The TF-100 kit is the best value.
    See here:

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    Re: Still can't decide...SWG or just BBB

    Do yourself a favor up front and allow for an extra foot or so of pipe out of the filter to make it easier to add a SWCG later if you choose. Wish I'd have known that then!
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    Re: Still can't decide...SWG or just BBB

    Since you are a self diagnosed poor maintenance person (no judgement - I get it ) I would do the SWG. This will ensure that chlorine goes into the pool each day, and will not need your daily intervention once you get the hang of how to set it. Just my opinion...
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    Re: Still can't decide...SWG or just BBB

    Welcome Sandy!
    I do both! Like was said earlier, the SWG just adds an easy way to maintain. The shock process using bleach saves on cell life and you have fast and complete control of the pool. Once the pool is where you want it (just days), the SWG make it so EASY to keep in in the proper balance. I love the acronyms.....should add KISS as it's that easy.
    Hope this helps....listen to the pros here and you will not be disappointed!!!
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