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Thread: Jandy Heat pump - low pressure REF fault

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    Jandy Heat pump - low pressure REF fault

    I have Jandy AE-TI 2500 Heat pump about 5-6 years old now. I just turned it on for the start of the season a couple days ago. Ran for couple hours and was producing warm water. Then it shutdown, and was displaying the low pressure REF Fault. Sound like it was on but fan wasn't spinning.
    I recycled power a few times. Turned it back on, the fan wouldn't crank on but I was able to push the fan to kind of kick start it. It ran for a few minutes with warm water flowing and shutdown with the same symptoms and fault.
    I notice that the coils were beginning to freeze/frost over as well. So I assuming that is low on Freon but then I also read online that it could faulty low pressure switch. Iím just trying to determine which to look at or try first. Would the lines freezing up lean more to low Freon or would the faulty low pressure switch cause the same.
    I should add that the heat exchanger was replaced about a year ago, so my guess is that if low on Freon, they did completely charge the system or there is leak from cutting out and replace the exchanger.
    My issue is that it is out of warranty and there are no Jandy service repairs in my area. When it was in warranty they had to send a regional tech down from New Jersey to VA to fix...only after a bunch of fighting and threats.
    I have a couple HVAC people I know that can probable charge it for me, but my other question is that according to some of the specs I read the AE-TI has R22 freon, however on the compressor on the unit it says use R22, 410a, and a couple other at max psi of 500. Does this mean it can use either, and if it has some R22 loaded can it be filled/mixed with 410aÖI not an HVAC guy so I donít know.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Jandy Heat pump - low pressure REF fault

    Lines freezing up sounds like you have plenty of refrigerant. I'm not an expert on these things, but from what you describe it sounds like the fan is shutting off because of the error, but the compressor keeps going?
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    Re: Jandy Heat pump - low pressure REF fault

    Iím not expert either but from past experience with home heat pump, I had a house heat pump that would stop cooling and the copper lines would ice up. The tech would come and pump Freon in and it would work again. At the second occurrence I switch companies and they told me there was leaky coil, which was covered by a defect recall. So, any way Iím not sure if equating that the frozen lines means plenty of Freon...but again I not an expert.
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    Re: Jandy Heat pump - low pressure REF fault

    For anyone that was the fan capacitor. Easy fix!
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    Re: Jandy Heat pump - low pressure REF fault

    Good to know. Thank you Jeff.

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