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Thread: Number of Skimmers/Returns?

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    Number of Skimmers/Returns?

    I have a new 38" Leisure Morroccan Fiberglass pool (38x16 max depth 6') going in beginning Saturday. I "had" a plan until the deal with the 1st PB fell through and I ended up with only fiberglass shell sitting on the surface in my yard. The # two PB will begin installation with a dig on Saturday.

    There are 3 Pal Treo lights going in. The equipment is all Pentair (VS pump, C&C Plus, EasyTouch with IC40).
    Is 1 skimmer enough?
    How many returns?
    How many drains and where should they be located?
    N Virginia
    -Leisure Moroccan 38' Fiberglass
    -19,800 Gallons
    -Pentair EasyTouch 4 w/IC40 Chlorinator,VS3050 Pump, Clean&Clear Plus 320 Cartridge Filter,Prowler 720 Robot Cleaner
    -1 Skimmer/ 3 Returns/2 Drains/2" Piping
    -3 Fiberstar Pal Treo LED lights/Wirtran
    -TF100 TestKit

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    Re: Number of Skimmers/Returns?

    One skimmer is fine. Three returns would be enough. One drain would be enough unless code requires two. My dad has a 18 x 36 8' deep with this exact set up and it work good.
    35K IG Vinyl 20 x 40 self built pool, Hayward Pro Series High-Rate Sand Filter 31" 98gal/min, Hayward TriStar 1.85hp, Hayward 400btu heater, BBB method w/Hypo, Jazz light w/matching fiber optic rope lighting around coping w/syncronized color wheels. Concrete Paver deck.

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