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Thread: Recovery from grass decomposition disaster

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    Recovery from grass decomposition disaster

    Hello all, what a great forum this is. I have a couple of questions that I can't seem to find answers to. I am thinking that I have found a unique way of ruining my pool

    Last year we bought the 24' round ultra frame intex and put it in our backyard. Let me start by saying I did everything wrong in the haste of getting it installed. The target install location is our *nearly* level and extremely hard ground back yard. It had very little grass, and I cut the grass down to the ground and setup the pool. Already you are smiling and thinking about how I have made a mistake. The pool did well all year, I installed the salt water kit and all was great with it, till about the end of the season. I noticed something brown on the bottom of the pool. Thinking I had some sort of growth in it, I put all manner of chemicals and what not in the pool trying to kill it. I scrubbed and scrubbed. It being the end of the season, I went ahead and drained and took down the pool. This is where my early mistake kicks in.

    The grass under the pool decomposed. Horrible stench of death. It decomposed so much it stained THROUGH the liner to where it is visible inside the bottom of the pool. No amount of bleach or anything seems to affect these stains. The only think that has even dented the stain is sand paper (which I know is a horrid idea). I am thinking the grass has ruined the liner. In disgust I just put it up and decided to mess with it the next season, which is now. I'll put pictures here if anyone needs a better visualization, but just imagine what happens to vinyl, grass decomposition, and several tons of water over many months. I really think the decomposition has actually altered the injected paint in the liner.

    Secondly, I have probably overcompensated.... but I have murdered, killed, removed all grass at the former pool location. I have also placed a layer of that bad beach sand in the location as well, to help with the hard rocks issue. I see here that sand is a mistake. So here are my questions:

    1. Has anyone ran into this sort of decomposition stain, and how to get rid of it?
    2. If the answer to #1 is no, anyone got ideas? paint it? buy a overlap liner and rig it up? Forget it and buy a new intex liner?
    3. What do I do about my sand? I have 4 yards of it. Can I just put pavers down (on ground level below sand) to ensure the legs are even with the sand?

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    Re: Recovery from grass decomposition disaster

    1) Yes seen it, smelled it (almost as bad as a decomposing body). No you can not get rid of the stain. At least I never did on my 1st pool.
    2) Forget the stain and just use the pool. Make sure to bleach the &^ll out of the bottom before you set it up, just to make sure the smell is gone.
    3) I would remove the sand, level out the area. Use some of the sand to flatten, run a plate compactor over the area wetting the sand and put the pool up. Fill it up partially. Put the pavers into the ground where the legs are giving yourself some room for the legs to spread. Fill the rest of the pool.
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