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Thread: Sneaky leak on hot tub 1/2" right angle jet fitting?

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    Sneaky leak on hot tub 1/2" right angle jet fitting?

    I know this will sound lame to the pros but I have a Sneaky leak on hot tub 1/2" right angle jet fitting? drip drip drip.

    This is a fitting in the side wall of the hot tub which accepts a 1/2" flex pressure line and then it turns 90 degrees and seems to reduce way down probably to create the jet flow. This is a real common fitting on a hot tub, I'm sure.

    Anyway I have a leaker and for the life of me can't find the exact point of the leak.

    The problem is access. I can't get very close and I can't get a real great look at it. I can get my hands on it to apply two part epoxy putty, but despite many efforts, I just can't find or stop this pesky leak!

    I will try again with a shop rag to wrap around various points to see if I can isolate the source better.

    Amy other tips on finding this pesky leak would be appreciated. I know I can stop it if I can find it.
    I'm aware it could be at the entry point where it joins the tub wall. so far it's just hard to tell.

    Other than replacing the fitting. Once I find the leak is there a better glue etc than the two part epoxy putty for repairing a crack in a plastic fitting?

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    Re: Sneaky leak on hot tub 1/2" right angle jet fitting?

    You should be able to remove and replace the fitting. Other than that, I think you are asking for trouble.
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    Re: Sneaky leak on hot tub 1/2" right angle jet fitting?

    The installation method on my right angle jet fitting is not entirely obvious.

    I see a lot of silicone on the outer wall of the tub (the back side underneath) where the fitting goes through the wall.

    I'd guess they must typically be a 2 piece assembly, and most likely pvc glue holds the inner piece into the outer, that is if it does not clip in, or thread in?

    I've got a generic spa so the brand is unknown.

    My sidewall jet fitting is a right angle affair . Starting with what is probably a piece of 1/2" flex line that's glued in, the jet turns 90 degrees and reduces way down, in the turn, to like a 1/4" or so in the turn, before transitioning back up to a 1/2" or so where it enters the side wall from the backside.

    It also accepts the small 1/4" clear line which t's into this fitting.

    I see no obvious means of attachment like threads. I do see a lot of silicone underneath which must have held the fitting in place during assembly.

    My question is how does one remove and replace this kind of fitting, esp when the brand is unknown.

    Is it possible my description and the major reduction in the 90 degree turn may tell an expert what brand of fitting I'm likely dealing with?

    Tips appreciated.

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