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Thread: My pool opening in pictures

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    My pool opening in pictures

    I have a security camera on my pool which takes snapshots when it detects movement. Interesting to me to see how the opening progressed yesterday. I'm still shocking today as there is still some algae to get ride of.[attachment=2:2ibboz69]Pool - Home - 01 - 2012-04-29 120129.jpg[/attachment:2ibboz69][attachment=1:2ibboz69]Pool - Home - 02 - 2012-04-29 120731.jpg[/attachment:2ibboz69][attachment=0:2ibboz69]Pool - Home - 03 - 2012-04-29 121356.jpg[/attachment:2ibboz69]
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    Re: My pool opening in pictures

    [attachment=2:472fqqze]Pool - Home - 05 - 2012-04-29 013534.jpg[/attachment:472fqqze][attachment=1:472fqqze]Pool - Home - 06 - 2012-04-29 014109.jpg[/attachment:472fqqze][attachment=0:472fqqze]Pool - Home - 07 - 2012-04-29 020218.jpg[/attachment:472fqqze]
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    Re: My pool opening in pictures

    [attachment=2:3ejlbzh6]Pool - Home - 08 - 2012-04-29 040040.jpg[/attachment:3ejlbzh6][attachment=1:3ejlbzh6]Pool - Home - 08 - 2012-04-29 051612.jpg[/attachment:3ejlbzh6][attachment=0:3ejlbzh6]Pool - Home - 08 - 2012-04-29 060412.jpg[/attachment:3ejlbzh6]
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    Re: My pool opening in pictures

    [attachment=1:2rjngt38]Pool - Home - 10 - 2012-04-29 080509.jpg[/attachment:2rjngt38][attachment=0:2rjngt38]Pool - Home - 12 - 2012-04-30 085432.jpg[/attachment:2rjngt38]
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    Re: My pool opening in pictures

    Looking good. It's kind of like a time lapse without the video.
    I like the camera on the pool, I'm assuming for security purposes?
    I've thought about getting something like that, or one of the DVR units to put on my pool.

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    Re: My pool opening in pictures

    So the unasked question from above is what camera are you using? How do you have this setup - is it a PC grabbing shots, or a self-contained unit, or a DVR in picture mode? Model and Make would be appreciated. Those pics look quite good and clear.

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    Re: My pool opening in pictures

    That's great - and nice job too
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    Re: My pool opening in pictures

    I'm using a Logitech Alert camera. Here's the link to it on Amazon:

    It is an IP based camera so it doesn't require hook up to a computer. The good thing about it is that it can be powered over the ethernet cable (power over ethernet) so I need only run one ethernet cable from my router to the camera, no need for a separate power source. You do need either a poe network switch or a power injector that will supply power to the ethernet cable, but these devices are cheap.

    The device is setup to record video to an internal sdcard, and a computer on my home network. It only does this when it detects motion. When it does record it will also send me a single snapshot to my gmail account. These snapshots are what I have posted here. You can also view a live stream of the video anywhere with internet access.

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