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Thread: Problems with aqua right

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    Problems with aqua right

    Started up my pool a couple weeks ago. Got the water balanced and salt added. Now it appears my T-cell-15 isn't generating. Been running for Several days and Clorine is 0 after shock has gone. It's on it fourth season. No errors. I read that it won't produce when water is 50 or below it has been around 60 since opening but hit 64 today. I have not turned on heater yet. The cell is clean , though there is a limitless calcium around ports inside by where the plug attaches that I have not been able to remove.

    Here are my vitals.
    Temp 64
    Votage 26.80
    Current 5.50
    Salt 3100

    Ph 7.2
    Alk 80
    Ch 220
    Cya 60
    CC is about .5-1

    I just shocked again this evening water looks good all in all.
    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Re: Problems with aqua right

    The voltage and current reading strongly suggests that the cell is producing chlorine, though the only way to be sure is to test the water coming from the cell while it is turned on. You can loosen the union on the output side of cell just enough that you get a small stream of water coming out, and test the FC level of that. If the cell is working it will be 1 or 2 higher than the FC level of the pool.

    This kind of situation, FC is zero in the pool even though the cell is working, is actually fairly common first thing in the spring. You could have a low level algae problem, or you might have ammonia in the water. You need to shock the pool until you pass the overnight FC loss test. Shocking the pool is not simply dumping in some chlorine, it is a process the involves maintaining FC at shock level until you are not losing any chlorine overnight. There is more information about this in Pool School.
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    Re: Problems with aqua right

    Thanks for the info...I will give it a try...yea been through the holding shock level with a mustard algae problem a few years ago. That's when I switched to salt!
    27,000 gal IG plaster pool
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