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Thread: Can I temporarily remove the vacuum hose?

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    Can I temporarily remove the vacuum hose?

    I rent my home and it has a swimming pool. I know nothing about pools other than that they're fun and that I sometimes have to use the leaf rake.

    The pool has a vacuum and cleaner--you know, one of those big blue suction device thingies that mop up the pool floor--and the pool motor fires it up every night eating away on the floor and sides of the pool. The vacuum cleaner is connected by hose to an inline filter thing (bucket thing that's part of the hose), and then the hose connects to the inside side of the pool in the big hole that has a passive valve thing that goes up and down as waves splash. I have no idea what you call that hole, I've seen it on every pool.

    The pool is nice and big but still small enough that the hose and vacuum are annoyingly right smack in the way of a lot of swimming and diving. I asked the lease manager if I could move it so that it wasn't under the diving board, he said yes but to make sure it stays in the water so no air gets in the hose or it will fry the motor when it starts up. The problem is that if I gather the hose up in the pool so it stays in the corner but still in the water, it all unwinds on its own and expands back out into the rest of the pool in about ten or twenty minutes of swimming.

    I was wondering if I can get a second opinion. The hose is not airtight--when I pull a middle section up out of the water I hear it bubbling. If I pull it all out of the pool when I swim and then throw it all back into the water when I'm done I expect it will fill right back up with water again after a few minutes. Thoughts?
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    Re: Can I temporarily remove the vacuum hose?

    Hmmm, my 'second opinion" won't help if your lndlord says you did something that he specifically asked you not to do and then bills you for a new pump. Why don't you call him and tell him you want to learn how to safely remove it and then safely hook it back up and learn a little more about his pool along the way. Telling him someone on a forum said it was "OK" won't win you many favors.
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