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Thread: Heating and Converting to Salt Advice... NJ

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    Heating and Converting to Salt Advice... NJ

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been reading the forums trying to answer some questions but I think I need to ask specifically for some advice now... (you guys are the best!)

    I have an IG 16x32 Vinyl 20k gallon. My Hayward H250 heater has been ok, but old and needs repair. Debating trying to get it fixed, likely cost of trying is going to be near $400+ based on service call so I figure it's time to replace instead.

    I like the gas heater because in NJ it keeps it HOT and we can swim very shortly after deciding too. So (1) I need help choosing a new gas heater. (2) Though I am curious about solar, I have great sun on my roof almost all day... But will the pool stay high temp and will it heat up fast... Or will I give up convenience?

    (3) Lastly, I want to convert to Salt, but with the heater (and other expenses) I'm not ready for the SWG and conversion cost. I've thought about just adding the salt as other members have talked about doing, then doing the full conversion next year. Any downside to that? Any danger to my existing equipment?

    Thanks so much for the advice and info!!

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    Re: Heating and Converting to Salt Advice... NJ

    Going to a 400k heater would be the best way, and if you're thinking of going to salt get one with an exchanger that will handle it
    2) Solar would probably be a good fit for you but you'll need a heater too for times when solar isn't enough.
    3) Most equipment is fine with salt at the levels in pools. It's fine to add some this year and convert next year.

    If you add it and you see a screw rusting just change them out.
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    Re: Heating and Converting to Salt Advice... NJ

    Thanks Bama for the quick reply!

    That's what i thought, either way (solar or not) still need to keep the gas heater around. Any brand/model recommendations??

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    Re: Heating and Converting to Salt Advice... NJ

    Since you are considering adding solar and I've done the research and my own installation, I'll add my .02 for your consideration. We live in Southeastern GA and use solar thanks to some great advice we got here on TFP when reviewing our heating options about 15 months ago. Solar is nearly free heat (cost of the system, DIY install is pretty simple if you're that type of person). We run our pump at a higher speed when using our solar so this is the only additional operating cost. Down here we are able to heat our pool in the off months (Late Feb-May & Late Sep-Nov) using our solar and a cover and keep the water around upper 70's to mid 80's depending on daytime highs, cloud cover, and night time lows. Warmer air = warmer pool, direct sun = warmer pool. You will not be able to use solar to bring the temp up in a hurry like you say you can with your heater, but for generally keeping your pool much warmer over the longer term and overall energy efficiencey along with the convenience of nearly hands-off operation that an automated solar system provides you may want to seriously consider adding solar. With solar your heater shouldn't have to work as hard to bring your pool up to temp which may be an added bonus for you. For us, solar alone gives us about 8 months of swimming-even though the kids will jump in at any water temp. I can't speak intelligently about other heaters as I have no experience with them but there are plenty of others on here that can help with that. As for salt, we went salt with our install so I have no advice for converting. Best of luck to you.
    Ken & Shari
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    Re: Heating and Converting to Salt Advice... NJ

    Thanks for the info!

    I was able to find the parts it was suggested i need for the heater relatively cheaply... so we're going to attempt atleast installing those before replacing. But i think it's still better than 50/50 we have to get a new heater this year.

    If anyone else has recommendations on gas heaters, i'm all ears.

    I'll let you know how the salt "dump" goes. Just looking forward to the weather turning around up here. After a nice warm week to start April it's been pretty much 50s 60s since.

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