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Thread: Heater Q's - MasterTemp 250

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    Heater Q's - MasterTemp 250

    I have an 18k gal pool and spa. Last weekend my pool guy installed a new MasterTemp 250 and Sta-Rite 48sqft filter. I'm attempting to heater my pool for a party.

    My goal is 84 deg which I set both the heater and Goldline control box to.

    Beginning at 74deg, I turned on the heater at about 10PM last nite. 4 1/2 hours later the temp's at 76. Normal?

    The heater kicks on for about 5 seconds at a time then kicks off for about 20 sec. On and off on and off. Is this normal? Shouldn't it just do this when maintaining temp?

    How long should it take for my pool to get to 82-84 deg? At 2:AM the air temp was 60 deg if it matters.

    Update: 6:AM temp hasn't budged past 76.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Heater Q's - MasterTemp 250

    The On-Off cycling is not normal. You should expect at least a 1 degree rise per hour at night with a covered pool.

    There are lots of causes for the condition you mention. One I find possible is the gas supply. Are you getting enough? I am assuming you have natural gas and not propane. Check your gas meter 1st. Can it provide 250 cu. ft per hour? Often, they only provide 125 and need an upgrade by your gas company.

    How far is the pipe from the heater to the meter? Its distance sensitive too.

    How much 3/4" pipe from the heater to the shutoff at the heater? Is the pipe after that shut off bigger? It usually is.

    I am assuming you have the temp for the heater turned up.

    Is there any automation? If the heater was connected and enabled for remote control, and the automation is set to a low temp, check the program and turn it up as needed.

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