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Thread: The IC 40s and none of them say the same thing!?!?

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    The IC 40s and none of them say the same thing!?!?

    I am taking care of a salt water pool.
    These are a bit new to me, but I am learning more and more every year.

    Pool is 58,000
    FC 3.5
    Ph 7.6
    TA 100
    Ch 250
    Cya 45

    Everything is running well except the IC40s.
    The builder for some reason installed 3 of them, suffice to say they are hardly ever
    Run on their higher settings.
    They are less than five years old.
    They are parallel, 1,2,3
    First SWG is blinking that the cell is going bad, the second is red and not running because the
    Salt is low,
    And the third unit is running perfectly with nothing to report but green lights.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: The IC 40s and none of them say the same thing!?!?

    #1 isn't dead yet.
    #2 is dead and needs the cell to be replaced.
    #3 is fine for now.

    Test the salt level.

    Is this a gunite or liner pool? If it's gunite, the calcium is likely low and the water will pull calcium from the cement in the plaster finish. If it's a liner, it shouldn't matter.

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    Re: The IC 40s and none of them say the same thing!?!?

    If they're close to 5 years old they may be nearing the end of their life.

    Have you pulled, cleaned and inspected them? Are the blades worn?

    Have you independently tested the salt? If so what did it read?
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