From my last panic post, we patched the small hole and everything is great! We also moved the pool and lvl'd the ground again before filling it up.

The pool has been up and running for two weeks and my water is crystal clear. We are using a salt water system for the first time this year and I was little nervous, but so far, it's very easy to use.

I would like to buy a new ladder for the pool, it's a 18x48 Intex Ultra Frame and the ladder that came with the pool, is terrible. So we are starting to shop around for a new ladder.

I would also like to upgrade the pump to a sand filter, but I think that will be a little later in the season for us. I am surprised that the pump that came with the pool is as powerful as it is.

Cheers all. The information you guys have put up here is great! We really appreciate it!