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Thread: Jets not working after water drained/evaporated from tub

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    Jets not working after water drained/evaporated from tub

    Hi there,

    I am in a huge predicament! I had bought my house two years ago, and my hot tub came with it. It has been working fine even after a fresh fill. However, this time when I went away for the holidays, I came back to find my hot tub empty and icy at the seats. I'm assuming the temperature was to high so it evaporated since it was not being used and what not. So I have waited until now to finally give it a good clean and in the hopes that it will work again. I had cleaned it before my vacation and once again cleaned it since it got really dirty due to the ice. Thankfully, the hot tub is working, however, the jets are not. Like I said I've never had a problem with this. I can hear the motor running, but the jets are not circulating the water.

    I am a first time hot tub owner and to be honest, I've given up on this machine. Every time, I experience some sort of problem. I cannot see where the equipment is since the previous owner decided to build a deck around it. The only thing visible to me is the drainage valve. I tried draining some water and also loosening the filter, but still no go on the jets. All that is showing up on the control board is "ICE" since it is about 5 degrees Celcius in Toronto right now and SnS, which means sensors out of balance. This sign used to come before, but it would eventually start working and the jets would turn on and circulate.

    I would appreciate any advice or help for this. The only thing left by my house's previous owners was the hot tub itself and its chemicals, no manual! The spa I have is the Artesian Spas-Antigua Model.

    Thank You!
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    Re: Jets not working after water drained/evaporated from tub

    I'd say it's more likely that a seal set in a pump let go and the water leaked out that way as opposed to evaporation.

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