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Thread: Going to convert to BBB

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    Going to convert to BBB

    Well, after building my pool last year and buying the chemicals in the pool store, I really want to save some money and do it the BBB Method. I have read most of the site regarding but still hesitant for some reason. I have the following:
    20x41 free form pool
    24000 gallons, vinyl
    Mineral Springs Salt System

    I opened my pool a few weeks ago, but really haven't added any chemicals except for salt (it was real low).

    We had a lot of rain last night, so I did a test this afternoon.
    I use a ColorQ test kit.

    FCL: 4.3
    TCL: 4.4
    PH: 7.6
    TA: 203
    CH: 302
    CYA: 46

    Seems like I need to do something with my TA,CH and CYA.

    According to the calculator I need to add 241 OZ of liquid stabilizer and lower PH (I have plenty of Muratic Acid) and then aerate.

    Just looking for some input and what I need to do.
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    Re: Going to convert to BBB

    240 oz of liquid stabilizer is about right for a pool with your configuration.
    I would add half that amount, then test in a few days.
    It is far easier to raise then lower your CYA level.
    You dont want to overshoot in case your pool gallonage or testing is a bit off.
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    Re: Going to convert to BBB

    BBB is not about ingredients but about understanding pool water chemistry. You will not likely save very much money (some) but if you continue to read here, you will gain a wealth of knowledge.
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    Re: Going to convert to BBB

    Since you have a swcg I'd stick with that. Your TA is really high so you should read Pool School on how to lower it through acid addition and aeration to raise the pH back up. You'll have an easier time with your pH control if you'll go ahead and lower it intentionally.

    Raising your CYA would be good because it allows your swcg to work less. I don't recommend using liquid CYA because of the expense (and you already stated you wanted to save money ) and you don't need to be in a hurry about raising it so hanging a sock of granules in front of a running return is a better solution. Six(6) lbs sounds about right to get you to 75 ppm.
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