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Thread: Very Stubborn Mustard Algae

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    Very Stubborn Mustard Algae

    Hello folks. Wanting desperately to seek some answers on how to get rid of my 3 year mustard algae problem. Have tried a ton of different methods mainly methods from the pool store. Have loaded the pool full of bleach and was at a chlorine level of almost 30 according to pool store numbers. Most recently (last season) had a new liner installed and thought that would be an opportune time to get rid of it. Used a bleach solution and sprayed all equipment down including the pump and basically anything that would touch the water. Also had filter acid dipped as a precaution. After new liner was installed, I did not put anything in the water including ladders as a test to see if the algae would return. I did not run any numbers and cannot remember if anything was added or not as far as chlorine after the fill. I went to take a sample of water to pool store the next day for a test and noticed alage returned with a vengence. After doing a lot of reading on here and other websites I am ready to start the BBB method to try and eliminate the algae. I have read about having to use a lot of bleach to kill the algae and my main concern is bleaching the new liner (at the waterline) by doing so because mustard algae can become very resistant to chlorine. The last few years I have just dealt with controlling it due to the fact that I was wasting a ton of money on phosphate removers, copper algaecides and the like. I have always had very clear and balanced water even with the alage problem. I have done a ton of reading on mustard algae and did all the required steps with every chemical out there to remove the stuff. Brushed everyday, soaked all the toys, etc in the pool as required per instructions. I am at my wits end with this stuff. I will be opening things up in a month or so and once I receive the test kit I will be posting numbers. As of last month, water was clear with some mustard alage as normal on bottom. And before the question is asked, it is not pollen. Once algae is cleared away it will appear in same spot again and again. As for some history, I have used the following over the years with no success: Banish,yellow out, No mor problems, copper algaecide, bleach, Phosphate removers, and many more whose names escape me. I have no hair left to pull out so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Very Stubborn Mustard Algae

    What are your test results?

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    Re: Very Stubborn Mustard Algae

    Knowing your levels and keeping all the different levels in balance is the key. You need to start with reliable/repeatable test results. Even with that, mustard algae can be quite annoying, but you can beat it by being consistent and thorough.
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