Hello all, I need some help with my pool… My fiance and I recently moved into a new house (first house) to which we were given no information on the pool. The previous owners were going thru a pretty nasty divorce and refused to come to the final walk thru an all the questions we asked we received answers like it's all there and things work fine. Needless to say they were less than helpful during the sale so we just decided to let them start their lives over and deal with things moving forward on our own. So for lack of better words we're trying to keep our heads above water. Our story goes as follows… Below is some information on our pool - then my first of probably multiple questions…

  • - Roughly 35, 000 Gallons
    - Salt water
    - Pebble Tech bottom
    - Pool has a waterFall and Slide
    - Attached big spa (we were told 12 person) that has an overflow section into the pool
    - A good amount of vegetation around the pool which I'm going to be removing some soon
    - 4 Pumps total. 3 Hayward and one Pentair VS
    [list:3qmchj97]- 2 pumps are in back of the pool/waterfall - one for the main filtering (Pentair) and the other for the waterfall and slide
    - 2 pumps are up front behind the spa - one for the spa water fall and one as a booster pump
Issues we've had:
  • - Replaced one pump (Booster pump for the spa) This was done close to 3 month's ago
    [list:3qmchj97]- Had to have 2 people look at it (from home warranty)
    - First guy replaced a solenoid on the original pump and said everything else was fine. The pump was still really loud. We had another company come out and within 2 seconds of hearing it he told me it had to be replaced, then stated multiple times he couldn't believe it was working at all. This guy (second from HW) found leaks back by my other two pumps also and told me they had to be repaired.
    - At this point he had everything tore apart both in front by the spa and in back by the main pump. So I had an idea, if we had to replace a pump why not replace the primary pump to a Variable speed and use the pump replaced by the VS at the spa (booster pump).
    - Both Pumps by the spa were below the ground and had to be raised. They were both put on a raised platform (cinder blocks), but the platform is extremely crooked. When I asked him about this he told me that was the best he could do as he didn't have anything to put underneath the cinder blocks to level it. My first reaction (on the inside) was why the **** didn't you put something down, or at least let me know and I would have put the platform on myself and had you just put the freaking pumps on it. I have a call into his office asking for someone to come out and make it level. I even offered to lay down the gravel and level it myself if they can disconnect and reconnect the pumps for me…

- Replaced the salt cell
- Just added another 7 bags of salt, which brings me to roughly 15 - 20 bags since we moved in.

My latest issue is this - something is messed up with my floor cleaner
- I am pulling water from my pool and returning to the Spa. So the spa is overflowing into my pool when the filter is running at normal operation
- I have a skimmer and a floor cleaner.
- In the back by the main pump I have a control valve that controls where the water is being pulled from (skimmer of floor cleaner). I also have a clear plastic section on a return elbow back to the pool.
- When I have:
- The control valve on 50/05 the clear return elbow is full of water and the water from the spa to the pool is overflowing - normal operation
- The control valve on 100% from the skimmer clear return section is full of water and the water from the spa to the pool is overflowing - normal operation
- The control valve on 100% from the cleaner I hear kind of smack from the inside of the pipes and the clear return section becomes empty, full of air, and the water stops overflowing into the pool… [/list:u:3qmchj97]

this just started recently… After we had the new Pentair installed I had to pull back on some of the suction as the cleaner was almost coming out of the pool. In my limited knowledge I'm thinking I have either a blocked pipe, maybe something got sucked up and is stuck in the pipes somewhere, or worse a busted pipe. I did see a leaf canister in back which I might see if I can clean that out tonight and use. But beyond that I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this… Does anybody have any thoughts?