I did a quick search here on the forum and didn't find anything related to this question.

I had one of my AUX buttons configured for a "Group" function in order to control a few things under one button. Specifically, I was controlling the pool Spill-Over function with it. Anyway, I noticed that it wasn't working one day and when I went in to the config I noticed that I don't have the "Group" function as an option anymore. I just have Manual On/Off, Super Chlorinate, Timer, and CountDn.

I don't get into the config too often (thankfully) but I don't seem to recall it being this difficult to program the "Group" function. I'm sure it's probably something simple and I'm just missing it. I looked through the manual and it talks about it being there and I followed all of the steps but still no "Group" function for any AUX (or any other) position. Hopefully someone out here knows the quick answer to my screwup.

By the way, the Main Software revision is 2.66