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Thread: ATTENTION NEWBIES: Listen to what these guys tell you!

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    ATTENTION NEWBIES: Listen to what these guys tell you!

    if you are a noob like me, I just want to tell you a little story...

    About two weeks ago, I started reading TFP threads again after a winter of waiting to get my pool going again. After closing last October, we acquired a new pet... A "mutt" who decided to chew and tear up anything she could, including the pool cover and water tubes.

    Well, after some warm weather here, I decided to start the process of cleaning up and getting the pool back into the shape it was when we bought the house... Sparkling clear. After pouring my first cup of coffee, I walked out to survey the damage and realized the coffee was clearer than my pool water.

    I was pretty well convinced it would take a professional crew to get it back to its former glory, but then I got oline and started looking through the TFP website, postings, and especially the Pool School section. Then I broke out the leaf net and cleared the shelves of every store in the area of bleach, and began my journey...

    While i'm not quite to crystal clear, I'm in the home stretch and will be soaking in glorious agua by the time the temps stay high enough to warm the pool to acceptable levels.

    So, read, listen, and put into practice the BBB method Nd pay attention to the oldies (but goodies) that answer your questions...

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    Haywood sand filter (Model TBD) - Pump (TBD)
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    Total noob...

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    Re: ATTENTION NEWBIES: Listen to what these guys tell you!

    After lurking, reading, and absorbing for a while I now feel much more confident about keeping the pool sparkling this season. I skimmed through Pool School when I first got here and thought it was a lot of information in one place to absorb at one time. I kept reading posts, and a while later I revisited Pool School. I found that I'd picked up most of it bit by bit while browsing the site.
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    Virginia Beach, VA
    TF100 test kit- Money WELL spent (best thing I've ever bought for the pool)
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    Re: ATTENTION NEWBIES: Listen to what these guys tell you!

    I have to agree. I thought we we're going to have to replace our pool this year. After getting in the pool and not being able to see my feet we started netting and vaccuming to waste. What was leftover was a huge amount of algae, that we're winning the battle against killing off. I'm so glad that I found trouble free pool!
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