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Thread: New Pool Water with high TA.

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    New Pool Water with high TA.

    We have a 20000 gallon pool and our rural water comes in with a TA well over 450. Can anyone give me recommendations on how to bring alkalinity down and keep the pH at a managable level without having the pool out of order for a week. I am using muratic acid to drop TA and caustic soda to raise pH.
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    Re: New Pool Water with high TA.

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    You are going about it the wrong way. Check out Lowering Total Alkalinity

    Welcome to the club. The last time I checked my well water it was 480ppm. But mine is below 100ppm now from maintaining the pH and rainwater dilution.
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    Re: New Pool Water with high TA.

    Acid and aertion, just like the man says. The more vigorous the churning, the faster it works.

    You might need to search for threads with aeration or aerator in them; look for ones that show a paperclip icon - they'll have pictures to give ideas.
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    Re: New Pool Water with high TA.

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