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Thread: Help me decide on polaris 9100 or Poolvergnuegen.

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    Help me decide on polaris 9100 or Poolvergnuegen.

    Here is a picture of my ~15,000 gallon pebble sheen pool. It is safe now to add a cleaner so I am looking around.

    The backyard is bare at this point, but my neighbors do have a few trees and bushes so the occasional leaf will find its way into my pool. We are talking maybe 3 to 5 in a storm or a really windy day. On normal days, I might see a single leaf once every 3 days. I will not be planting anything that will add to this. The most debris I have seen is mostly pollen and dust from the bare dirt blowing in. I still need to sod once the build is 100% finished so hopefully that will decline some.

    Based of the size of my pool, I have narrowed it down to two choices....A robot and a suction cleaner (since I have a threaded suction port at the mid point of my pool)

    1. Polaris 9100

    2. Poolvergnuegen 2x

    I could leap for the 9400 or the Poolvergnuegen 4x but I dont think I would see much difference based on the size of my pool. If I am wrong please advise.

    My goals are simple...I would like for it to work, perhaps for several years with reliable service. I dont mind changing tires and stuff like that but I dont want it getting stuck all the time. I had a Polaris 360 on my last pool and that thing was constantly needing something...always something small like constant leaky hoses or stuck wheel gears, but always something. It did work though and kept the pool relatively clean.

    Obviously the Poolvergnuegen is cheaper, but by only a few hundred dollars. It does not need an external power source since it runs off the pool pump, which I have a 1.5hp tristar EE running 6 hours per day. I might only throw this guy in once or twice a week since my pool stays pretty clean from the lack of trees. I can take him out and put into a rubbermaid storage box outside on the patio and have no worries. Also there are many good reviews of this little guy.

    The Polaris is a robot, so it can be run independant of the pool pumps and has a nice filter that is easy to clean and access. It cost more than the Poolvergnuegen but the Polaris probably does a better and more thorough job. Because it is newer, it hasnt been reviewed nearly as much. It or at least the power source needs to be stored in a covered/indoor area, so I dont think I would want to store him outside. Would it be safe in a rubbermaid box on the porch...? Adding to that, it does not come with a caddy to move it around but neither does the Poolvergnuegen.

    So....what would you do? Thanks for the assistance!


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    Re: Help me decide on polaris 9100 or Poolvergnuegen.

    If weight is an issue, then its the Pool Cleaner.
    For the 9000 series, I like the 9350 since it has the remote.
    Both are excellent and will last a long time without needing significant service.

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    Re: Help me decide on polaris 9100 or Poolvergnuegen.


    I went ahead and ordered The Pool Cleaner 2x and it should be in on Wednesday. I also got a poolskim for the fun of it.

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