I'm looking for a reputable AGP builder in north central Indiana. I have talked to several in the area, but each one recommends a different brand saying that is the industry best. It's very confusing. And to top it off they all have complete packages which include pool, pump, filter, ladder, and chemical set, and covers etc. I currently have an Intex 16 ft. but when I took it down last week to relevel the site, my 6 month old yellow lab thought the liner was a chew toy. BAD DOG!!! I can't blame him though, I have been thinking about upgrading to a permanent AGP this year anyway. I guess he just finally made the decision for me. LOL Anyway I already have a Hayward pump and filter that is big enough to run a 28 ft pool so I won't be needing the pump and filter, but most companies that i've talked to don't want to sell a pool without them. Help!!