We are two weeks in to our build with Gold Medal Pools in Frisco, TX. We have just been advised (4/12/12) by Gold Medal that the supplier of their hand-seeded aggregate (which we chose for our decking) has run out and does not know when they will be able to provide any more. Gold Medal has reached out to us and asked that we choose a different deck material. They provided a letter (dated 4/3/12) from the supplier asking that no more hand seeded aggregate be sold due to the shortage. We have "heard" that for business reasons, Gold Medal does not want to provide hand-seeded aggregate as an option going forward and that the supplier story is less than truthful. We are firm on our choice of hand-seeded aggregate and Gold Medal says that this could delay our pool by weeks. Has anyone else heard this story from Gold Medal or any other Dallas area pool builders? I have the name and number of the supplier in Plano, TX and am going to call them to get their story but thought I would check hear first.
Thanks for any feedback!