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Thread: leaving pool up in winter

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    leaving pool up in winter

    I am new to this forum and glad I found it.I have had pools over the years and they were all the ones you leave up all year.They wore out after time and we moved and decided to get the intex with the ring and it lasted 5 years and now we thought we would get the intex 18'x48" ultra frame pool,but I am not sure I can leave it up all year.We always took the ring one down and I had heard you can leave them up but depends on how cold the weather gets.This is the pool I am thinking about getting.The winter here gets cold(20 or so and snow)so not sure if I can leave it up or not without damaging it. ... gMethod=rr
    I just need some help deciding whether I should leave it up all year!If anyone has any experience with these pools being left up all year,please advise me on your opinion.It is such a hassle taking them down and putting them back up and I cannot afford a pool you leave up all year with the hard side walls.I have read reviews on this pool and some say yes and some say no to leaving it up.

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    Re: leaving pool up in winter

    Welcome to TFP.

    There have been several people who have left them up all year and I don't recall a post where it's gotten ruined because of it. I'm sure there are places you wouldn't want to leave it up but 20ºF doesn't sound very cold to me. Now, -20 would be another subject!
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    Re: leaving pool up in winter

    Our previous Intex was left up year round. We are in Oklahoma and we have some pretty crazy weather here in the winter, heck year round, and it lasted us 6 years before it sprung a leak (a tiny pin hole in the wall). On the 7th year we replaced it with a larger one which was last year. The new one stayed up this last winter and it will stay up every year until it finally wears out. The water does freeze. It if you don't mess with it while it's frozen nothing is going to happen to it. The chlorine is going to be harder on it than the freezing and weather exposure being up year round.

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    Re: leaving pool up in winter

    Thank you for the replies.I may leave it up.It is not a real expensive pool and hope next year we can use it again.Now when the weather starts to get colder will have to remember what to do to preserve it during the winter,as I forgot what you need to do.Thanks again!

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    Re: leaving pool up in winter

    My neighbor has left his up for 2 winters straight and it seems to be surviving fine. We do get down below -20C here occasionally. The whole pool freezes solid in the winter. I wonder if frozen solid is better than having icebergs bash against the edges all winter? I know intex says to take it down if you have below 32F temps. He has the blue frame intex, not the ultra version.
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