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Thread: Are the warranty guarantees truly reliable for solar covers?

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    Are the warranty guarantees truly reliable for solar covers?

    I am in the process of looking to buy my first solar cover for my inground pool.

    How much significance should I give to the warranty?

    Does it make a difference on who the manufacturer is or what website company I buy the cover from?

    It seems like most of everyone’s solar covers no matter what color or thickness have had short life spans, but I assume most of them stated they had some type of warranties when you bought them.

    I have been on a lot of websites in my process of looking for a new solar cover and it appears that depending on some type of factors such as thickness, color, etc., etc., the warranties are for a specified number of years and terms.

    For example, some say they have a total number of years like 8 and then they also say 2 full. I would presume that during the 8 years of the coverage the amount they will pay for goes down each year, but it also gives the impression that during the first 2 full years they will pay 100%.

    With seemingly everyone’s solar covers only lasting a couple of years, has anyone attempted to use the warranty that comes with their covers and has anyone received 100% credit during the supposed full year’s time frame?

    If no, what not?

    If yes, was it a big hassle?

    Also did you have to deal with a manufacturer or the pool website company that you purchased the solar cover from?

    Finally, what manufacturer or the pool website company have people had the best experience with?

    Thank You

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    Re: Are the warranty guarantees truly reliable for solar cov

    I've bought a TON from in the before. Great service and one of the largest online pool companies out there. Picked up an extended warranty too for our last cover, although no idea if it was a waste of cash or not. I'm kinda interested of others experiences too.

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    Solar cover questions

    Thinking about a solar cover.
    Anyone got pros and cons?
    My specific questions are:
    Do they work well
    If I roll it on a reel, wihat happens to the debris on top of it and will it mildew, being wet and all?

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    Re: Are the warranty guarantees truly reliable for solar cov

    Main thing about warranties - ask what is covered.

    Bought a Solar cover from Leslies (5-year Warranty) in 2007. It started deteriorating last year (4 years into the warranty) and thought I would bring it in for a claim. Find out that the warranty only covered the welds that held the cover together. Totally useless warranty! I almost wanted to rip the welds of the cover just so I could make the claim.

    In the end, I'm looking for a new cover right now and will ask more specifics about what the warranty covers (no pun intended) and won't be buying a Leslie's again.
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    Re: Are the warranty guarantees truly reliable for solar cov

    I got one that is so cheap I do not really care if I have to buy a new one...

    It is this one from ... lar-12-mil

    It's a pretty standard pool solar cover (12 mil) and does a great job. I've had it for one season, put it away for winter, took it out this spring and it's still in great condition. Seems like it should last at least another 2-3 seasons.

    But I do not have a reel, I manually fold off the cover each time it is used (I'm single and it's easier to take off and put back on than a reel imo, takes about 4 minutes). From what I understand, having a reel puts a LOT more stress on covers, so maybe that is why mine is in such good condition.

    If I have to buy a new one every 2-3 years, $70 isnt going to break the bank.

    The main heat loss from a pool comes from evaporation. The cover doesn't really insulate that much as it prevents evaporation. The bubbles really just help it float.

    In my opinion, a cover is totally worth it, Keeps the pool significantly warmer up here in Maine, and keeps me from having to keep adding water to keep it full (less evaporation).
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