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Thread: Old DE Filter Sprung a leak

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    Old DE Filter Sprung a leak

    After ordering a new manifold and replacing the grids, this thing is leaking at the connection on the top. I tried applying some waterproof epoxy but that only held for a minute or two before it started leaking again.
    Pool guy claims they no longer make parts for this filter and that I need to replace the whole thing which, would cost 1200-1300. Anyone know if pentair/American Titan?? would have a part to replace this?

    Any other potential solutions, seems like there should be economical solution but, i am no pool expert.

    Thanks for looking.

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    Re: Old DE Filter Sprung a leak

    That is an old Nautilus tank.. I am not sure but I believe they stopped making the bulkhead fittings and stand pipe.. More then likely you will have to get the parts from valve pack if they even make them. That leak is on the pressure side of the equipment and any repair you make will not hold...

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    Re: Old DE Filter Sprung a leak

    If you can have the filter down and removed for a day or so, I would try and make a repair with J&B weld. You'll have to go around the area with a wire wheel brush attached to a drill and completely clean off old debris. Final cleanup can be done with a Dremel tool with the small stainless wire wheel. Worst case may be to use a grinder wheel on a drill to remove any stubborn old epoxy build up from your attempted patch, but go very easy so you don't destroy anything. Then with the tank sitting level and horizontal with the inlet facing up, mix up some J&B weld epoxy and apply it around the joint. I find a Q-tip works fairly well for making the application. Let that dry for 5 hours and apply another bead around it. Let that dry for 12+ hours and you should be good to go. This product will ultimately dry stronger than the PVC and it bonds pretty well to "cleaned" old stainless steel.

    I have fixed a lot of stuff like this with J&B weld where regular pool epoxy would not hold.
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