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Thread: Intex pool on concrete?

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    Intex pool on concrete?

    We have a small yard we have a 14ft intex pool with the poles not the self rising one. My husband wants to get rid of the dirt/grass and tile the whole yard can we put the pool on this?
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    save the money from the tile/concrete and just remove the grass and level the yard really well. If you are indeed talking tile, that can get really slippery when wet.

    I have a good friend who has a very level 15 foot dirt circle on her yard, outlined with stones... They round-up the edges and put up the intex every season on this same circle. Looks a little odd in the winter, but a tiled yard I think would look different, too!!

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    One other thing to consider is that if the dirt under the tiles shifts, you may end up with a corner of one of the tiles ripping a hole in the liner

    If DH really wants to make the 'pool area' ~ permanent, he could level off the area, lay down some weed-block fabric and put ~2" of sand over it.
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    It's not really the pool area he wants, he wants the whole yard to be some type of concrete form rather than grass and dirt. ight now we have cracked concrete and dirt.
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