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Thread: Suction-Side or Pressure-Side Cleaner?

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    Suction-Side or Pressure-Side Cleaner?

    I'm considering getting a new pool cleaner and changing the plumbing a bit, but first, let me define the current setup:

    • - I have a Baracuda G2 suction-side cleaner that is attached to the skimmer using a Vac Mate.
      - I don't have a separate pump for my cleaner.
      - The plugs at the bottom of the skimmer are capped, meaning that the bottom drains for the pool and spa are not active.
      - The skimmer is located at the deep end of the pool, which makes it harder for the G2 to clean the shallow end.
      - There is a separate 1" line from the pool (midway between the deep and shallow ends) that ends by the pool pump. My guess is that the previous owners had a separate, auxilliary pump at one time that used this dedicated 1" line for a cleaner.

    If possible, I'd like to use this separate 1" line for a pool cleaner because:

    • - I'd like to have the skimmer focus on skimming rather than share itself with the pool cleaner.
      - I'd like the bottom drains to work, especially in the hot tub, to suck debris out.
      - A more centrally-located cleaner location should improve cleaner performance.
      - If I set everything up correctly, my system will clean when in "clean" mode, skim when in "skim" mode, etc. This "may" allow me to set my VS pump at a lower setting if all suction is set to the 1" line for clean mode.
      - I've got a 1" line there, why not try to use it.

    Based on this, I have a few questions:

    1. Is it safe to use this 1" line? Or is it too small which could cause issues with debris clogging it?
    2. I'm looking at The Pool Cleaner based on reviews at this site. Should I consider getting the pressure-side cleaner, avoiding any issues with the 1" line clogging?
    3. Do pressure-side cleaners just move small debris (small enough to flow right through the bag) from one part of the pool to another? Or will the bottom drains pick up a lot of this smaller stuff as it settles toward the deep end?
    4. If I go with a new suction-side cleaner (or just keep my existing G2), I'm thinking about adding a valve on the pool suction line so that I can adjust flow between the 1" cleaning line and the skimmer/bottom drain line so that I can use my pool pump to run the cleaner as opposed to a separate pump. Would that be an acceptable option?
    5. Are there any other complications I haven't thought of yet?
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    Re: Suction-Side or Pressure-Side Cleaner?

    I love my suction side Pool Cleaner. Not sure about the 1 inch pipe issue. I have not experience with the G2.
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    Re: Suction-Side or Pressure-Side Cleaner?

    A 1" line is pretty small for a suction cleaner; it would clog too easily. It would work OK for a pressure cleaner, like it seems to have been before, but that means you would have to buy a booster pump and new cleaner.
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    Re: Suction-Side or Pressure-Side Cleaner?

    OK. Two votes against using a 1" line for a suction-side cleaner (altough I don't get anything bigger than .5" in my skimmer basket). I still want to use this 1" line for the reasons stated above but I don't want to buy/run another pump just for the cleaner.

    [s:2n9ek9iw]Is it possible to use my existing VS pump by putting a valve on the pool return line so that I can divert enough of the pool return flow to the 1" line to drive the cleaner when in "cleaning" mode?

    How much flow is required to run the pressure-side Pool Cleaner?[/s:2n9ek9iw]

    As asked before, do pressure-side cleaners just move small debris from one part of the pool to another?

    One final thought, I may just add a valve on the suction side of the pump so that I can control flow between the skimmer and this 1" line and try it with my G2. What's the worst that can happen? If it doesn't work (or gets plugged easily), I can just close the valve (or remove it).

    EDIT: Just found this from their website:

    - No Booster Pump, hooks into the return or designated pressure port. Needs high volume, low pressure. Requires 27 to 32 gallons per minute.

    So I guess the question will be, how fast would I need to run my pump to acheive "high volume, low pressure" per the above bullet? I assume if I get the 27 to 32 gpm, I'll have acheived that...
    17K gal, in ground, plaster, Pentair DE filter, Hayward EcoStar VSP pump, Hayward Aqua Plus Automation, Hayward SWG, Baracuda G2 pool cleaner

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