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Thread: Baracuda G4 - Starting and Stopping

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    Baracuda G4 - Starting and Stopping

    So I've just bought a house with a pool and it came with a G4.
    It 'seems' to be working relatively OK (gets stuck in the corner but I'll address that in a different post) but it goes for a couple of minutes then stops for a minute (taking a rest maybe?) then starts again.
    I've an in-ground concrete pool, I'm closing off the main drain and other skimmer when I'm running it.
    It's picking up and moving fine just seems to be stopping and starting for no reason.

    Anyway, is the above normal?


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    Re: Baracuda G4 - Starting and Stopping

    Congratulations on the new house and welcome to TFP!

    Based on your description, it sounds like you might not have the flowkeeper valve installed. This is copied directly from the G4 owners manual:

    In skimmer installations the Flowkeeper Valve MUST BE used. The pool pump provides more gallon per
    minute flow than your pool cleaner requires. The Flowkeeper provides a way to regulate the flow with a bypass
    so the pool pump and the pool cleaner run properly.
    Skimming action is maintained through a bypass throat in the valve. As the filter collects debris, the valve
    automatically maintains the correct flow to the cleaner. The Flowkeeper Valve comes preset at the setting required
    for your cleaner. There are a total of three setting options. The lower the setting number, the lower the flow to the
    cleaner head. Should readjustment become necessary, pull the adjustment handle to raise or lower the setting. The
    red tab on the valve can be used to keep the bypass open, which in most cases, will cause the cleaner to stop.

    If you want, I can send you a copy of the full owners manual (not sure if it came with your house/pool equipment)

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    Re: Baracuda G4 - Starting and Stopping

    Sounds like something may be stuck in the diaphragm or you might need a new diaphragm. You can find them online for 20-25 bucks.

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    Re: Baracuda G4 - Starting and Stopping

    Thanks, I may replace the diaphram and go from there, that seems to be the most cost effective solution.


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