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Thread: Aqua Rite control panel life time?

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    Aqua Rite control panel life time?

    Hello all,

    I've just found you tonight, and darn glad I did. I've had a pool now for 7 years, with the Aqua Logic panel and t15 cell. The cell we think is shot. It was giving out at the end of last season, the inspect cell light kept coming on, and the pool had a couple of cloudy patches. We limped through the end of the year and cleaned the cell on closing.

    I have put the cell back on for the open, and now it reads inspect cell constant yellow light. I have lined up a new t15 cell, but here's the dilemma.

    The pool store lady (I like her a lot) said there is a new system out there for low sat generator. The problem is it will be $900 more plus taxes and install to put in the 'new' system. I know the salt cells go every 4-5 years, but how long can I expect my control panel to last.

    I'm in Southern Ontario, very mild winter this year, the panel is on the lee side of my house, rarely exposed to snow or sun, but get's it's share of wind and rain. It's covered of course by the door.

    I don't believe there are any problems with the panel as of now, the display seems accurate re water temp, salt count (my pool company does a water check when they open and the salt matches the read out).

    What say ye? In regard to the aqua logic panel and to the new 'low salt gennies?'

    Thanks all


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    Re: Aqua Rite control panel life time?

    T15 cells can be had for under $500! No reason to replace your panel.
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    Re: Aqua Rite control panel life time?

    So I got a new cell, installed it today. I added 2 bags of salt yesterday per the instructions from my pool company re: salt levels on the initial water test. The instant salinity was 2900 yesterday and when I first installed this cell, and the water test result I had said the salt was at 2900, (but then the pool was only 2/3 full as well). The instant salinity is now reading 2500 and both the check salt check cell lights are flashing.

    This is really making me frustrated. I don't want to find out that the cell wasn't the problem and the panel is. Any thoughts on this? perhaps the water concentration before and now? Will the check cell light flash if the salt is too low? It will right....???


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    Re: Aqua Rite control panel life time?

    If you added that much water to the pool your salinity would have dropped by about what you're seeing. I'd have the test ran again and see what it says. You'll probably need to add more salt.
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    Re: Aqua Rite control panel life time?

    wait a couple days and see what the average salt reading is. dont go by instant salt reading.

    then use the pool calculator to calculate how much pounds of salt you need to add to get to 3,200. be sure you know your pool volume. make sure you calculate the volume as near as possible. calculation of the wrong volume can cause you to add too much salt. If in doubt add less and wait a day or so to see where the new reading is.

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    Re: Aqua Rite control panel life time?

    I did, my girl is sick at home so I can't go anywhere. It seems to have settled right down now.. salt level is consistent at 3100, the lights have stopped flashing and the gennie is generating...the weirdness continues...

    Thanks all.

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