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Thread: Winter Cover problems

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    Winter Cover problems

    I have had a lot of problems with winter covers over the years and it is driving me nuts. I think some of my problems were because from day 1 my pool was slowly leaking and I didn't know it until it started leaking fast. So the fact that I lost a ton of water over the winter probably didn't help with the cover getting ripped because it was stretched to it's limits.

    Last year I replaced my liner and this was my first winter with the new liner and wow did I notice the difference in water loss from a non-leaking liner! But I still had problems with my pool cover. I bought a cover online and opened it the day I was closing the pool only to realize that the pool was missing the grommets from half of it. Well too late to get a new one so I tried to make it work. I thought ahead this time though and bought some of that industrial seran wrap which was able to keep the cover in place most of the winter. But it still came off on one side and the pillow moved as well. The cover was cheap and barely had any overhang. If it wasn't for the wrap it would have been a disaster!

    Anyway it leaked some of the **** on top into the pool and made it a little harder to open it this year...once again. So here is what I am thinking for next year. Buy a 27ft+ cover next year so it hangs over a lot and than wrap it again with the seran wrap! Screw the pillow because it is useless anyway. The seran wrap really halps seal the cover on and not let wind blow in it so I liked using it if only the cover was bigger and had the grommets in it to tie it down. **** I may even leave the cable off all together if it hangs over enough and that seran wrap seemed to hold up real well over the winter in the cold and wind we get here in TN.

    Any thoughts on this? How do you cover your pool in the winter? Is it a pain or is it just me?? Is it normal to have to buy a new cover EVERY year!?!?!
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    Re: Winter Cover problems

    Hey Hokey,
    You shouldn't have to buy a new cover every year, and it shouldn't be that much of a pain dealing with an above ground pool cover.
    Having a smaller cover can cause a problem since it doesn't over hang enough.
    Depending on how much overhang you have, you may be able to go to your local hardware store (Home Depot, Lowe's even Walmart might sell them) and pick up a grommet kit, and mounting tool (example). They typically sell them in the section you buy tarps.
    This allows you to add grommets to items that don't have them. If it works for you, it may end up saving you some money on a new winter cover.

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    Re: Winter Cover problems

    I have the same problem. Neww cover every year!! I have a lot of trees near my pool so I have leaves dropping all the time and then the cover starts sinking. I have tried the pillow- moves all over when putting cover on, thought about filling the pool with pillows, but when the water level is down I don't know if that will work. Last year the cover sunk so far in the middle, I rented a pump to get the water off the top so I could scoop off all the leaves, sure enough took the cover off and brown water@@ Seems the leaves leaked through the cover. Rented a bigger pump to empty the pool. I have had troubles every year, I have an 18x33 oval and had an 18x34 cover last year so plenty of overhang. The year before aa 18x33 I have noticed no difference. What can I do to stop it sagging so much and what is a good cover

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