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Thread: pump filter size?

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    pump filter size?

    installing our new pool (intex 16x48 ultra frame) it has the 1500gph filter, i will be upgrading to a better system but how do i know what is
    bigger and better ie sand filter do i want a 16 inch a 18 inch?? the cartridge filters are listed as sq ft its all confusing??? any help ???
    Intex 16x48 ultra frame

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    Re: pump filter size?

    It is related to your pump size. A general rule is that your filter gpm capacity should be somewhat (maybe 10-25%) larger than your pumps capacity. You may have trouble finding the GPM of either the pump or filter but you should be able to find a common denominator somewhere that allows you to match the two.
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    Re: pump filter size?

    Any sand filter will be better than the standard Intex paper cartridge filters. Larger sand filters are better than smaller sand filters, though at some point the filter is big enough and larger still doesn't gain you anything. A 50 sqft cartridge filter is roughly equal to a 21 inch sand filter. Cartridge filters have pros and cons compared to sand filters. You might want to read the article on different kinds of filters in Pool School.

    While often sold together, filters and pumps are two separate components. Typically you want the largest filter you can afford and have room for. However, later pumps draw more electricity, which can get to be quite expensive for very large pumps so things aren't as straightforward with pumps. For pumps, you generally want 2500 gph or better. However once you go above that it is worth looking at two speed pumps as they can save you a great deal on electricity.

    For your setup, the very minimum I would recommend is the larger Intex sand filter. Moving up to something fancier than that is well worth it, but more expensive and may or may not be in your budget.
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    Re: pump filter size?

    You can use NSF 50 requirements and for a 15k pool and a 6 hour turnover, that would be 2.1 sq-ft. Even though this is for a commercial pool, it is a little oversized for a residential pool so that is a good thing. But you need to get a pump to match the filter as well so it is not oversized yet big enough for backwashing. The Pentair PNSD0060DO2260 is a good combo unit for that filter size.

    For a cartridge, I would go twice the size of the requirements to avoid frequent cleaning which is a pain. So around 220 sq-ft. The biggest combo for Pentair is the PNCC0200OP2260 (200 sq-ft). The pump is a 2 HP 2 speed pump Optiflo which I believe is the same as the 1.5 HP Optiflo but both are actually very small pumps with very low head curves so they should be efficient.
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    Re: pump filter size?

    I have that same pool, I run a Hayward 3/4 hp pump and a Hayward DE filter. I got them off craigslist. My pool was sparkling clean. I dealt with the intex (junk) pump on my blue ring pool, I told myself when I upgraded to the ultra frame pool, updating the pump and filter was the first thing I was going to do.

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