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Thread: Why do Ants love my timer?

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    Why do Ants love my timer?

    Every year when I open the pool I find a gang of ants in my pump timer. I leave them alone, they're not hurting me, just wondering what's attracting them into there.
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    Re: Why do Ants love my timer?

    Low rent!

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    Re: Why do Ants love my timer?

    ...and low maintenance!

    When I took off the wheel weights on my tractor a few days ago, there was a whole colony of ants in between the weight and the rim! I didn't use the tractor once this year to plow the driveway, so it just sat in the barn, collecting ants I guess.
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    Re: Why do Ants love my timer?

    It's funny but they love electrical stuff like spiders love propane stuff. I can't count the times I've cleaned ants out of relays
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    Re: Why do Ants love my timer?

    Yeap, every year around this time the well pump kicks off because some dead ants are in between the contacts. Then I have to go and clean off the contacts. It's much worse because the well pump cycles many times during the day. It's unbearable when it happens have way through a shower.

    I've read different theories, eddy currents, heat, ozone, it's a ready made home dark-dry and secure.
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    Re: Why do Ants love my timer?

    They love my mailbox as well.
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    Re: Why do Ants love my timer?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bama Rambler
    I can't count the times I've cleaned ants out of relays
    No kidding, "why do we have no water in the house".
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    Re: Why do Ants love my timer?

    Ants do like things that generate current. You should really keep them cleared out of there as much as you can. I know that down here in Texas, ants have caused the death of many a pool pump too.
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