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Thread: autofill problems?

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    autofill problems?


    I have an auto filler on a house I purchased and have noticed a rusty colored stain where the outlet of the auto filler goes into the pool. Looked inside the autofill there is a large gap where the water can slosh around and come into contact with the sand and dirt. This in turn is causing the water to get rusty and then getting rust into the pool. No good.

    My questions is, on the back of the autofill there seems to be some type of "vent" or something. It's a white plastic piece with some slits in there? Also, am I right in assuming that the top cover should fit and overlap the actual autofill "container" under the decking? There should't be a gap where the water can mix with the dirt?

    Also, is there some type of overflow pipe which should be installed? I don't think this thing was ever installed right.

    We have a paver deck, so it shouldn't be too bad having to get in there and replace it. I'm thinking about just extending the pipe for the filler and putting the autofill out of the desk and in the neighboring flower bed. It's all covered anyways.

    I will try and take some pictures in the morning and update the thread.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: autofill problems?

    Hard for me to visualize with the pictures. Usually there is a place to attach an overfill pipe, but the 2 I have had never had the overfill installed. In fact on the current pool that I had the auto-fill added, they put the bucket so low that normal water level is in the middle of where the overfill would attach.
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    Re: autofill problems?

    I'll try and snap some pictures in the morning. Hopefully it will make more sense with some pictures.

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    Re: autofill problems?

    Here is a picture with some notes on it.

    Basically, shouldn't the white piece pit down in the black piece? Basically should sit lower in the deck? Almost like the lower black bowl was installed too low.

    The white "grate" - what is that for?
    The black hole to the right of the grate seems to be for overflow? but that just runs into soil. Doesn't go anywhere.

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    Re: autofill problems?

    bump? nobody?

    Thinking about just pulling it out and putting in Levolor electronic version. Will be some work, but may be worth it. With the sensor in the skimmer?


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    Re: autofill problems?

    The small hole labeled "what is this for" is probably intended to be an overflow drain. It may or may not have ever been hooked up to anything.

    The top should fit snugly onto the bottom part. However, water shouldn't get up to that seam very often so it shouldn't matter a great deal.

    It looks like the deck shifted relative to the pool, pulling the top horizontally away from the bottom
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    Re: autofill problems?

    Thanks Jason.

    I don't think the overflow was ever hooked up to anything.

    What about the port to the right of the "What is this?" label? That is just a hole back into the sand as well. I agree likely not going to be above this level, but it obviously has been above this level to get all that rust in the water.

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