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Thread: Diving in 3' of water

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    Diving in 3' of water

    Can we get a show of hands? Who does it when the lifeguard/kids aren't looking?

    Seriously, do people not know how to do a shallow dive? Too afraid an uncoordinated/uneducated kid will run, jump and dive straight down?

    Why hasn't our government passed a law if this is so dangerous?

    I don't know the correct name of the dive into the pool that is my favorite for making splashes. Basically you jump up and then as you are approaching the water perfectly horizontal you bring your knees and elbows in forming a crude upside down U. You hit the water and your U shape pulls water down into the pool, as you go down you expand yourself and push you belly (pop your body) downwards, causing a huge splash. This is principally the same as if you cup your hand and push it palm down into the water causing a splash and accompanying noise.

    I do that in 3' too...

    Of course i'm not talking crazy like this guy... ... ot-talent/
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    Re: Diving in 3' of water

    While many can perform a shallow dive, many can't and get hurt.

    Swim teams generally have an 8' end to start off the platform even though is really isn't needed. It is there for safety. Not everywhere however has the deep end. I can remember when I was growing up, out community pool was only 4' deep at the starting end. Has that changed since I moved 30 years ago? IDK.

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    Re: Diving in 3' of water

    My daughter was on the swim team for a couple of summers (as recently as last summer) and they dove into 4 foot of water for their meets. Of course, their dive is very outward and not so much downward, and they did not want to come close to the bottom or the angle of their dive was all wrong for optimal speed plus touching the bottom is a disqualification.

    The rules are for the unskilled tho, not for the skilled. A lifeguard often does not know a person's swimming skill level, and even if they do, selectively enforcing rules is a recipe for disaster.
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    Re: Diving in 3' of water

    We don't need anymore Nanny State rules. Keep the government out of everything!
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    Re: Diving in 3' of water

    This topic really can't be advanced on the forum simply because it's a bad idea from the beginning. I am locking the thread.
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