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Thread: Advice on Replacement Pool Cleaner

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    Advice on Replacement Pool Cleaner

    I have a in ground vinyl pool about 15,000 gallons it is shaped like a true L right now i have been using a kreepy krauly it has been extremely reliable it has ran during the summer months every day 8 hours a day very few replacement parts only replaced hoses once, changed foot pad once, Changed Pleated Seal once it is getting kind of porous but still is holding up. The reason why i am looking to replace it is for the last few years it is tending to get stuck around my pool more and more it either gets stuck on my ladder and climbs the ladder to surface where it sucks air and runs pump dry or is always getting stuck on my main drain cover ever since i installed an anti vortex main drain cover so i am finally thinking of replacing it because i have to babysit it. definitely will only consider another suction side cleaner. I want something which is going to be reliable and is not going to be parts hungry i am considering 3 options either the pool cleaner, or the pentair sand shark or getting another kreepy krauly. I see most people recommend the pool cleaner but am concerned that i will have to change the wheels prematurely if i run it 8 hours a day? What are your thoughts on the pentair sand shark i really don't see much talk about it anywhere but in theory it looks very promising looks like few parts and no wheels to wear out? My last option is just getting a new kreepy krauly but think i will probably have the same issues i am having now because it is overall the same shape and design so am not really confident a new kreepy will solve my problem. Any advice you guys give me is greatly appreciated

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    Re: Advice on Replacement Pool Cleaner

    As far as the ladder problem you need a ladder guard. As far as getting stuck you may need to replace the foot pad or you may have to much vacuum to the cleaner. All of the cleaners are good cleaners but any suction side pool cleaner will get stuck if there is to much suction.

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    Re: Advice on Replacement Pool Cleaner

    I have a ladder guard it protectsthe cleaner from getting stuck on under the ladder but my kreepy gets stuck on the side of the ladder when it is on the wall I am looking to replace it but am having trouble deciding between the 2x suction side the pool cleaner and the pentair sand shark both look to be good any recommendations?

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    Re: Advice on Replacement Pool Cleaner

    Stay away from the Sand Shark, I had 2 customers purchase them and both broke at the 1 year mark. The better option is The Pool Cleaner. I only recommend TPC or the Navigator depending on the shape of the pool.

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    Re: Advice on Replacement Pool Cleaner

    Would you recommend a The pool cleaner 2x suction side for a true L shaped pool 15,000 gallons

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