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Thread: I hope its just the yellow pollen but

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    I hope its just the yellow pollen but

    I just dont know if it is this yellow pollen that we seem to be coming to the end of or if I have more of a problem. The pool water was very nice prior to all this debris and yellow pollen invading the pool. I now have a yellow haze to the water that is somewhat stubborn to get rid of. I had thought it to be just the pollen that needed to be filtered out but am beginning to wonder now since it does not seem to be clearing. Is it a problem to get this pollen out of the water due to its small size? I have started filtering(Sand) 24 hours a day now to get rid of it. Any suggestions or is this normal for this yellow pollen time of year here in North Carolina? I am trying to keep the chlorine at 7 and the ph at 7.5 and the CYA is 55. Just keep filtering? The circulation seems to lose some pressure with this pollen in the water more frequently and I dont kno wif I need to be backwashing more to help get the water back clear or if I need to add something to make the pollen more filterable. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: I hope its just the yellow pollen but

    OH I forgot to mention that I did add about 5 ounces of algecide just in case as a maintenance thing. I do not see any visable evidence of any growth on the pool walls either. Someone at the pool store said I may want to add something to the sand filter to revitalize the sand and also somethign to make it filter smaller particles. Any thoughts on that?
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    Re: I hope its just the yellow pollen but

    Pollen is normal. Your filter will get rid of it and it will consume SOME additional chlorine but not a ton. As your filter gets rid of it, you must backwash your filter more frequently.

    What's happening in your pool is perfectly normal.

    Stay out of the pool store. The algaecide is unnecessary but perhaps not quite as much so as the filter additives.
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    Re: I hope its just the yellow pollen but

    Thanks a lot for the help. That is what I wanted to think but inexperience left me wanting confirmation.
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