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Thread: Pool Pilot Digital - red light showing Low Amps, check cell

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    Pool Pilot Digital - red light showing Low Amps, check cell

    This problem is resolved, but this is more to document it for the next person who may run into this problem.

    I have a Digital Pool Pilot (DIG-220), Serial # DG0061212124, Software v4.2, a SC-60 cell with 25,700 amp hours on it (unit is at least 5 years old with original cell). Currently I have it set at power level 3. temp is 77, salt is 2600 and the display shows 0 volts @ 0.6 amp.

    After reading a little in this forum, I cleaned the cell, checked that the unit was setup for 230V, and checked there was 230 volts between term #1 & #2. Took off and checked the cell cable. Banana terminals were good and you can't really get a good view of the other end. Took sandpaper to both ends (put it around a round file and turned it in each of the 3 terminals). Checked continuity from the cell output on the upper left side of the board to the end of the cell cable and all is golden. Powered unit on, boost mode for 5 minutes, still have the low amps problem with same reading of 0 volts and 0.6 amps. Bummer!

    Not sure what else to check at this point, but noticed two fuses on the control board, so what the heck. The one on the right had continuity, while the one on the left was BAD!!!! (gee, I haven't had a blown fuse in something in YEARS!) Anyway, replaced this fuse (20A 250V) and the problem is fixed! Now getting 24 volts @ 8.0 amps. Added two bags of salt to bring the salt up to 3200 and now I'm ready to enjoy the season.

    So, while I was researching the above problem a few questions come to mind. First, the cell I have has almost 26,000 amp hours on it. Is there an expected cell life in hours? Any idea how much longer this will continue to work? When it goes bad I understand the volts go up to around 28. Since I'm currently at 24 volts, does this mean I still have a good useful life left in the cell?

    Also, I noticed that they don't sell the SC-60 cell anymore and have replaced it with an RC-52 cell. What is the difference between the SC-60 and RC-52? Same case size and couplers? Does the -52 have a lower output than the -60 as the name implies? Also, will my v4.2 software work with the -52 cell (I assume I would leave the unit set to a SC-60 cell size)? Is there an upgrade of the software available on a firmware chip?

    Finally, one of the sites selling salt cells stated that you MUST buy a new cell cable with a new cell or AutoPilot would not honor the warranty. What is that all about? Anyone know if this is true or not?

    Thanks anyone for any information you can provide.

    Jim Smith
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    Re: Pool Pilot Digital - red light showing Low Amps, check c

    If everything goes well the cell life should be on the order of 80,000 amp/hours. They vary quite a bit, so that is not exact, just the general area you can hope for.

    The RC-52 is fully compatible with the SC-60. They are the same size, same connectors, work with the same control units, and produce the same amount of chlorine.

    You don't have to replace the cable when you replace your cell unless it looks burnt or melted. Still it might be a good idea to do so if the cable is a number of years old.
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