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Thread: Cloudy just won't clear

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    Cloudy just won't clear

    Super long story short our retaining wall fell this winter washing tons of dirt into our pool. Pool full of dirt leaves and algae. After spending hundreds at the pool store with little to no improvement I remembered this site. I have been to pool school, read the green to clean thread and measured my chemicals with my Taylor-50 test kit. The worse seems to be behind us but it is still aqua and cloudy. My FC only dropped one overnight, I know my CYA is low but I have a sock full of stabilizer in my filter and it says it could take a week to see results increase. So here are my levels and any any hope you can give would be greatly appreciated.
    FC 3.5
    TA 70
    CH 60
    Ph 7.2

    18x 36 vinyl in ground, SWG, sand filter, Hayward 1.5hp super pump,

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    Re: Cloudy just won't clear

    Have you cleaned out the dirt and leaves? Are you shocking according to the Pool Calculator?
    I'm not familiar with the test kit you have, does it have the FAS-DPD Test in it?
    How many gallons is your pool?

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    Re: Cloudy just won't clear

    We have cleaned the dirt and leaves out as best we can. We have yet to see the bottom of the pool yet though. When vacuuming the mass amounts of dirt we were always using waste so we have added A LOT of new water to it. Again part of the problem with getting the chemicals right.
    Ack sorry. The test kit is TF-50 test kit from Trouble Free pools but it is the little one that tests, FC, CC, TA, CH and CYA. I have a little PH tester from Wal-Mart. The pool is 26,200 gallons.

    Oh and here is a picture of the pool

    18x 36 vinyl in ground, SWG, sand filter, Hayward 1.5hp super pump,

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    Re: Cloudy just won't clear

    Pool filters are not really designed to clean up the kind of accident you had. They are better at keeping already fairly clean water even cleaner.

    I would try to help the filter by somehow getting more of the dirt out of the pool with a good leaf net, etc.

    Without some assistance from you, it could take your filter a VERY long time to clean up the pool.
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    Re: Cloudy just won't clear

    If you have a multiport valve you can vac to waste and get a lot of the dirt out if there's still a good bit in there. You'll lose a lot of water but the dirt will be gone.

    The other thing to do is run the filter and backwash regularly when it needs it until it's clear. Be sure to keep the FC up the whole time.
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    Re: Cloudy just won't clear

    Thanks all. That is pretty much what we are doing. Backwash, vacuum on waste, keep filter going 24/7, backwash some more. I really just wanted to make sure we were doing everything we can. I guess it is just a slow process. Thanks again!
    18x 36 vinyl in ground, SWG, sand filter, Hayward 1.5hp super pump,

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