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Thread: Umbrella Holes in Pool Deck

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    Umbrella Holes in Pool Deck

    So i've read several threads where folks use some PVC fitting to create an Umbrella hole in their pool decking. On tread talked about how they worked with the concrete guys to incorporate them in the pour.

    My concern with this is placement. Seems to me that I won't know where i really would want an umbrella until several weeks into the summer. I won't know where i end up sitting, where i ended up laying, where the wife likes to sit, kids etc.

    Does anyone have any experience with doing a core drill on pool decking concrete after it's cured some to make umbrella holes? My deck (patio too) will be poured out of some "special pool mix 4000 psi" that i understand will not have much (any) aggregate in it. If that makes any difference on the ease of drilling.

    My concerns are getting a drill bit to start a hole without jumping around, and with the PVC holders they extend a little bit farther down underneath the concrete, if i drill a hole all the way through i'd hit dirt or gravel. If i stop short the hole would be maybe 3" deep, is this deep enough, or does it give the umbrella pole leverage enough to crack the concrete? Or would the umbrella pole just bend?

    Another concern would be what would i do if i hit rebar? Can a diamond drill bit drill through rebar? (that would suck, off by 1/2")
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    Re: Umbrella Holes in Pool Deck

    I'm concerned about drilling holes in my deck just to install pool slide flanges. With big holes like that, I'd think you'd risk some pretty good fracturing, even with a hammer drill. I guess it would just depend on the mix/curing of the concrete in place.
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    Re: Umbrella Holes in Pool Deck

    Another option is just to have a bunch of sleeves installed, anywhere you think you might want to sit. Consider sun angles too!
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    Re: Umbrella Holes in Pool Deck

    Good question - I've been wondering about the same things also. I don't have the same options as you do as our deck is already poured, but I figured I'd wait a season before drilling holes for an umbrella or two. Has anyone else on TFP done this? I'm in a windy area and don't plan on having the umbrella out on windy days, but we do get the odd gust out of the blue and it can put some force on the umbrella so I'm worried about drilling a hole and causing cracks to form due to the stress (but I also don't like the looks of an umbrella stand with sand bags or other weights on it to hold it down). Also, I'm assuming that I'll need some sort of cap to install over the hole in the wintertime so water won't get in and freeze in the space.

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    Re: Umbrella Holes in Pool Deck

    How about a concrete hole saw? They sell them at home depot. Maybe one of your friends has one.
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    Re: Umbrella Holes in Pool Deck

    I have seen pipes (metal) installed after the holes are drilled into the concrete. The pipes range from a few feet to 6 feet. This provides relief from cracking due to the umbrella pole moving around.

    A few cons I could see however, is you better KNOW exactly where your plumbing and/or electrical is so you dont hammmer the pipe down into it!!!!
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    Re: Umbrella Holes in Pool Deck

    I wanted umbrella's but my husband didn't want to have holes in the concrete so he came up with this idea. It works great! We still get the shade in the pool without the holes in the concrete.

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    Re: Umbrella Holes in Pool Deck

    We had an umbrella socket installed in the shallow end of our pool during construction. It's on bench that extends out from the steps. Works nice, but you need a stainless or aluminum pole that can withstand the salt water.
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    Re: Umbrella Holes in Pool Deck

    Quote Originally Posted by gigicarmical
    I wanted umbrella's but my husband didn't want to have holes in the concrete so he came up with this idea. It works great! We still get the shade in the pool without the holes in the concrete.

    I like that idea. Thanks for sharing
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