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Thread: Whoops!

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    So today I was doing my usual dog poo detail and thought I noticed the sound of the spa heater going. I was next to the spa but the heater is on the other side of the yard so I dipped my toe into the spa to make sure I hadn't left it on the night before. It was fairly cold so I didn't think anything of it and figured the noise I heard was just the filter pump running. I finished picking up the poo and the decided to check my pH and chlorine. I sat down next to the pool and reached in to fill my tester bottle and the pool was HOT! Not warm, but very hot. I checked the temp and the pool was 100 degrees. I now have the heater set to auto shut off after 1 hour. I had it set up like this before and had changed it since we are running it with the remote now, but last night I ran it all manually so it didn't shut off. It was an expensive lesson, but at least we got to swim and enjoy it for the first time since we built the pool. It had been running about 17 hours and raised 30 degrees. Hopefully with the solar cover we can keep the heat in long enough to swim a few more days.

    So what kinds of oops stories do you guys have?
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    Re: Whoops!


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    Re: Whoops!

    Might as well enjoy the swim time
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    Re: Whoops!

    Well, I have left the hose running overnight and woke up about 4 AM when somehow I remembered. I had a pool full to the rim and a rather swampy lawn.
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    Re: Whoops!

    I especially enjoy it when I vac to waste and forget to set the multi back on filter............................
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    Re: Whoops!

    I fell into the pool today with my scrubs on, 15 minutes before leaving for work. Does that count?

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    Re: Whoops!

    my neighbor did the same thing when he first started using his pool after they completed it. he invited all of the neighbors over and we all jumped in and the water was 98 degrees. this was impossible for May. he said that he had everything turned off including the heat but i told him that his water was WAY to warm. come to find out his heater for the pool was in fact on and finally shut it off after 3 days. his $650 gas bill the next month was a good lesson to check things out........come to think of it, i've sent him the link to this site many times and he's never taken the opportunity to learn about pool care the right way. this same guy went on vacation last year and i looked over his pool for him for that week, i spent the entire time brushing the sides of the pool due to algea, shocking his pool (his way) and told him when he returned from vacation that i had spent more time working on his pool that week than i have done the entire time with my pool which was about 2 years. some

    folks just don't want to make life easier.

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