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Thread: To drain or not to drain

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    To drain or not to drain

    3 wks ago, after telling us our TDS level was high, we emptied, refilled, and added 30 dollars of chemicals according to what they said the pool needed. Today they told me the TDS level was high and to do another drain and fill. My God...I cannot afford all this water. Every other chemical was right on, other than the fact that the chlorine was sky high. I have a 14,500 gallon pool and keep 2-3 hockey pucks of chlorine in the floater. Pool good and clear. There are these new pockets of white granules forming clumps in several areas around the perimeter of the pool, which is concrete. Are these due to high TDS levels? Ours tested 2300 and the norm is under 2400. The one pool store guy said NEVER add liquid chlorine and only the powder. I'd rather actually b/c we are tired of hauling the gallon containers anyway.
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    Re: To drain or not to drain

    Welcome to TFP!

    TDS stands for total dissolved solids. It is not a good measurement to base any pool chemical decisions because it only talks about the total, without telling you what in particular is dissolved in the water. Some things, like salt, can raise TDS by several thousand without causing any problems at all. While other things, like CYA, start causing problems when as low as 100, which you would hardly notice as part of a TDS measurement.

    It would help us a great deal to make specific recommendations if you could post a full set of water test results. Without more to go on, there is little specific information we can give you.

    I recommend you do some reading in Pool School. It doesn't sound like the advice you are getting right now is very good. Knowing more about how things work will allow you to make your own decisions about what needs to be done and stop being dependent on the pool store.
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