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Thread: Shocking Finished??

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    Shocking Finished??

    Opened pool and started shocking late Wednesday. I've checked chlorine level every 4 hours or so after the initial hourly checks at start up,keeping the level at shock or a few points above. Done the over night chlorine drop test this morning. Last night after sunset the numbers were 16.5 fc,,0.0 cc. This mornning I got water before sunrise and tested. The numbers were 16.0 fc and 0.0 cc. The pool isnt sparking yet but is clearing nicely.
    Should I maintain shock level until sparkling or begin to let it drop to normal level while the filter gets rid of the "dead bad boys" ?? I'm guessing that the shock process is fininshed at this point but just want to make sure. It's been a smooth process and dont want to mess up right at the end... A little chlorine,cya, and some elbow grease on the brush works better than a box full of expensive "opening kit" chemicals!
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    Re: Shocking Finished??

    You're not done yet. Straight out of Pool School:

    CC is 0.5 or lower;
    An overnight FC loss test shows a loss of 1.0 ppm or less;
    And the water is clear.
    There has been discussion in the past about putting water clarity as the first parameter. Ultimately, that's what you're after.
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    Re: Shocking Finished??

    Richard has a valid point but I have a little different take. You should run the OCLT one more night. If you pass that except the sparkling part then I'd let the FC come back down to normal levels for your CYA and hold it there till it clears.

    It'd be nice if you'd post a full set of numbers.
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    Re: Shocking Finished??

    Many thanks guys....i'll keep it going and try to get another test tonite and if i have time in the morning. I'll get full numbers today,i've been concentrating on chlorine....I've been off the last few days and tomorrow is back to work for me---- but retirement is on the horizion. i've got my time in for full benefits and it's sure tempting! Thanks again.....
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