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Thread: Should I get bottom drain in AGP pool

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    Should I get bottom drain in AGP pool

    Hello everyone im in the process of buying a 18 by 54 pool with 1.5 hp 2 speed filter,I have not had a pool in over 10yrs and this bottom drain in agp is new to me and two are required,so my question is should i get them put in do the pros out weigh the cons I've heard, also the pool is being installed by pool store installers

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    Re: Should I get bottom drain in AGP pool

    There are pros and cons. Each additional hole in the liner is an additional place where the pool could leak, though that isn't all that likely it is a small additional risk. Main drains can also be difficult to winterize properly in an above ground pool, which of course only matters if you live somewhere that has hard freezes. On the other hand, having a main drain can be very nice.
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    Re: Should I get bottom drain in AGP pool

    Welcome pescador!

    Be sure to spend some time in Pool School and you will need a good test kit (both in my sig below) once the pool is up.
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    Re: Should I get bottom drain in AGP pool

    Thanks Jasonlion I live in Chicago. also Thank you George I will check the out pool school

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    Re: Should I get bottom drain in AGP pool

    Personally, for an 18' AGP I wouldn't get a main drain, I'd be concerned with potential leak, plus it would get in the way for swimmers, plus regular maintenance will eliminate the need.
    Just my 2 cents, keep it simple.
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    Re: Should I get bottom drain in AGP pool

    We are moving can't take our AGP with us, so I bought a new one the other day for the new house. When talking to the installer I brought up the question of including a main drain. He said he's never seen one in a AGP up here in Minnesota and he wouldn't want me to be the first one he learned on. That alone convinced me so I let the matter drop. But I do still have some mixed feelings. It seems to me that the people here who have them are glad they do, and I don't remember seeing anyone post that they severely regretted installing one. I admit though there is a whole winter's full of posts that I am behind on reading. I guess I would like to hear the stories from people who have one and totally regret it, if there is anyone who fits that description?
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    Re: Should I get bottom drain in AGP pool

    Quote Originally Posted by Laenini
    I guess I would like to hear the stories from people who have one and totally regret it, if there is anyone who fits that description?
    Hey fellow Minnesotan
    I would guess it is a very small percentage of agp pool owners that have a main drain. I would guess that percentage gets quite a bit smaller up here in the north. Personally, I wouldn't try it, like JasonLion and Cramer said, you will then have to winterize that line. I have yet to feel the need for it, and I have a deep end. Just curious, why is it interesting to you?
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    Re: Should I get bottom drain in AGP pool

    As a builder I won't put a main drain in an abg. It is too big a risk for me, afraid it wouldn't be winterized correctly. And losing all the water out of it, then having to give a liner and labor to fix it all, plus the chance of a bad reputation not worth it in my book. If Wilbar wanted main drains in their abgs they would put them in the box when they package them.
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    Re: Should I get bottom drain in AGP pool

    I have one, I love it!! You want to be set up correctly, and def need it installed to code and with all the necc shut offs ect.
    I'll never own a pool without main drains. I have far less cleanup in the pool and more time to swim.
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    Re: Should I get bottom drain in AGP pool

    Thank you pool-creetin, any more AGP with drain owners who would like to share their stories positive or negative? I appreciate all the comments given so far

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